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  1. couldnt resist posting on this subject, I am from a science research background and assumed that man made climate change was a real phenomenon basically from hearing this side of the argument in the media and uncrritically assuming that it must be true..... but having seen the arguments against it on the web I find these much more convincing, the whole thing is a complete joke.................politics always trumps science and anyone working in science who doesnt realise this has their head in the sand. there are many ways that the establishment can fight scientific data that isnt conveni
  2. i have etfs silver and havnt noticed a 17% drop-- anyone elso noticed this or not?
  3. Ive been reading this thread for a while, learned alot from it and have invested my STR money and gold silver and platinum- this is the best thread on HPC and should be on the main forum, please move it back..
  4. Im surprised people turning bull now- imo a crash is now a forgone conclussion, barring another 911 type event where the rates are dropped 1-2% withhin a short space of time. qu[ote name=Thor' date='Jul 24 2007, 05:21 AM' post='707992] Must say I'm surprised at the number of defectors in recent weeks. Having lurked for a long time on this forum, I'd have thought that with all the bearish press, the sub prime debacle, the Chinese exporting inflation, the yen carry trade and the inexorable rises in the price of a barrel of crude, now would be the best time to switch from bull to bear like Mr
  5. This site suggests that the average salary of a family practioner in the US is $142,516 i.e. about £73,000 http://www.studentdoc.com/family-practice-salary.html i thought you said you were a med student?
  6. I take it you'd be one of the doctors throwing down their scalpals if mark jopling got his way his article certainly managed to wind you up. I'd imagine he regrets writing it already if his collegues are anything like you!
  7. agreed, noticed this article in the indepenent recently (front page headline) 'Sick pay: Massive rise in GPs' salaries worsens NHS cash crisis' http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/health_me...icle2145148.ece it reckons the average gp is actually 118,000 rather than the 106,000 reported from other sources
  8. i was up till 2 last night editing a 250 page report on a cave expedition which has been running for the last 15 years
  9. can anyone guess at the most likely UK lenders to go pop ?
  10. Im thinking about setting up a cureency savings accounts possibly in euros as i think sterling is at risk of going down- anyone done this- if so any comments or advise on which the best accounts are- the only one ive found so far is HSBC.
  11. look at the graph for the maximum number of years to see what im talking about i cant link to that so ive posted the graph as an attachment rightmove.bmp rightmove.bmp
  12. could this be significant: http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_...ightmove.co.uk/ if you look at the last 5 year there always seems to be a drop in december but notice that its much bigger this year than in previous years, last year it dropped to about half its approximate mean value for the rest of the year but this year it seems to have dropped to about 1/4 rightmove must be worried about it as they seem to be advertising on TV now- hadnt noticed that b4
  13. I have a question about this: when people MEW their property to get more money for another deposit, does the new mortgage they take out on their old house count in the house price statistics- i.e. they bought the house for 100k and then mew it for 200k 5 yrs later does the remorgaging count as a house sale at 200k- if so you could easily how the stats could be pretty meaningless - the act of mewing to buy another house would count as two houses sold at a high price another question specifivcally about these two- it says they have 10 racehorses and obviously have alot of cash flying
  14. i reckon it wont be the last time these two are in the newspapers- something like-- 'teachers dont do homework and loose everything'
  15. one problem is there are too many in the medical proffesion who have a superiority complex- so they think they are completely justified to get paid 3+ times a paramedic or nurse, they are called doctor without having a postgraduate degree- dr is just a courtesy title-- but this leads to confusion - especially in the media where you often here 'Dr's have discovered X when they are actually talking about researchers with phd's- i.e. real doctors (biochemists, molecular biologists, engineers....) -- the public think of medical 'doctors' and it builds their perception that they are worth t
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