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  1. More space, green, good schools also easy access to city via thameslink (which i prefer to tube by a mile) - Ill have a look at totteridge though as its fairly close. thanks
  2. Anyone looking at this area or live here and have comments - were coming from NW6 - looking for 4bed semi. Have been looking for a few months in general supply is very tight (but then the area is not that big) and also prices sticky around 600-700K although we have seen massive jumps down in asking prices for a few places around the 800K. We like the area think its got long term appeal other thoughts welcomed. ...
  3. Thanks - seems the agent may be playing a game on this one as he now comes back to me suggesting I put in an offer at around my initial level, not sure if the other guy dropped off or he was playing a game, I think the latter which is annoying! The markets are showing rates will increase this year, I think its a given to be honest unless something unexpected happens. The question is how much and I have seen predictions or anywhere from 0.75 - 2.00 by Q4 2010
  4. Started looking around the Pinner, Northwood, Ruslip areas for 4bed detatched. My question is what prices are these types of propery going for versus asking and is there a 'model' that can be used to get near the value? For example, on a recent property the vendor was asking for 600,000. The property went for 450,000 back in April 2007 (so near the height of the boom). I took this value added in £50,000 for the work they have done since and multiped it by the % increase in detatched prices in that borough during April 2007 to Nov 2010 as provided by the land registry website. The figure I came out with is around 85% of their asking price but the vendor has already refused 90% and is probably looking close to asking. JK
  5. Been in the area for 10 years now, brought a 2-bedder in 2006. Theres always demand here for 1-2 beds from city folk, the area is pretty safe never had any major issues even walking home at 4am from the station upto mill lane. More chain stores opened up for sure but guess that was bound to happen, we have a couple of Tesco's and a Sainsburys Local opening up. Personally don't have an issue with this. Having said all this probably going to move out of the area to get more space, houses here are £800-1M+. Anyone interested in 2-bed with stunning views over London PM me - I do me stunning - direct line of sight to London Eye, BT Tower, Gherkin. Had some great parties! JK
  6. anyone looked or brought in china - specifically shangai - a few interesting deals in time square going about with 7% for 5 years - plus theres the interesting currency play..
  7. anyone invested / considering investing esp in bratislava?
  8. Anyone invested in the Letterstone Eastern Europe Markets Fund out of interest or evaluated the opp?
  9. its all down to what level of risk/reward you want - the risks are much less in the south of Cyprus than many of the typical names mentioned these days (bulgaria, morroco...etc) but potentially the rewards less but still more attractive than the BTL UK market for sure!
  10. relative to morocco there is perhaps more 1-2 year upside on capital growth but I am not 100% convinced that morocco (largley for cultural reasons) will benefit from the type of trade that I am making - i.e. UK retired market - if youre going for a 5 year view which I am I personally believe its still a good time to get into Cyprus (South) at least.
  11. Looking to invest in Cyprus (Larnaca) as part of a syndicate - interested to hear of peoples experiences, good opportunities in this region for yield - renting potential seems better than average with all-year good weather but its the english retirement market I am partly banking on here. Cheers JK
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