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  1. There are some people who will just spend all the money no matter how much they are given. Some people are beyond help.
  2. Covid stubbornly refuses to go away in NZ. Second highest recorder diths today. Heading into their winter.
  3. So in Feb around 25% admissions unvaxxed. And trending lower. No wonder the vaccine surveillance report no longer has a table breaking figures into vaxxed and unvaxxed. If you extrapolate then it looks like no advantage to being jabbed by now. Has there ever been a "vaccine" which makes the vaxxed more susceptible to being infected (4 fold in some age groups) as shown in the vaccine surveillance report? Worst "vaccines" ever.
  4. I haven't been following him closely but a google search on his predictions threw this up this first. https://www.mcgill.ca/oss/article/covid-19-critical-thinking-pseudoscience/doomsday-prophecy-dr-geert-vanden-bossche The hit piece hasn't aged well. e.g. Many vaccines prevent transmission of the virus from person to person, and there is mounting evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines do as well. and But even if the COVID-19 vaccines were “leaky,” meaning they still allowed some vaccinated people to transmit the virus to others, there is evidence that they could still efficiently contain the spread of the disease. and here's a classic Another important counterpoint to Dr. Bossche’s claim is that we can simply reformulate our vaccines to match new variants of concern. It then claims that Bossche wanted to stop all vaccinations. which is not the case, I believe. His argument is, like many "anti-vaxxers'" (me included), that only the vulnerable should have been vaccinated.
  5. Geert Van den Bosche here reckons there will be another wave within months. This time more deadly. The unvaxxed will be OK but it will hit the vaxxed badly. Some say he's been pretty much spot on so far. He reckons mass vaccinations during a pandemic is a disaster.
  6. UK 7 day death rate now higher than last peak. 90%++ vaxxed. Worst "vaccines" ever. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/uk/
  7. What are the percentage vaxxed for these high risk groups? Not much more than 92.5% I imagine. Worst "vaccines" ever.
  8. No, I wouldn't. 92.5% people dying with covid are vaxxed. Around 60% general population vaxxed? Worst "vaccines" ever.
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