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  1. The temptation to burn the church to the ground would have got to me in their situation I'm afraid :angry: Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster til I die.
  2. Thanks Activision for making my mind up about modding my 360. And I agree with the shout for ARMA 2, great game and will be even better when the bugs are ironed out and the community gets their teeth stuck in.
  3. Haha, the total inverse of my problem. I have internally-minded product managers with no clue whatsoever about the world outside insisting that xyz system is perfectly adequate to cope, that we don't need more capacity to grow and really acting almost as though our clients are an inconvenience.
  4. If the threat of mass redundancies at the Vauxhall plant happens, it could add a new edge to the rally that we saw there over the week. Could we see Luton as the beginning of wider social unrest?
  5. Good domains have considerable value in internet marketing, whether for branding purposes (e.g pkr.com, branding generally favours short or generic domains), organic traffic (people typing in domains hoping to get the desired result, which still happens but isn't as common as it used to be) or search engine ranking (as Google's algorithm places a value on the similarity of the domain to the search terms). $1.1m (e.g £750k) for cruises.co.uk isn't so bad when you consider that a domain like that, with good SEO would probably pull in £20-50k a month.
  6. I work in eCommerce, in a business role. For a very large, company-name-used-as-a-verb, US Corp.
  7. #666. ****** everyone else, take what you can get, however you can get it. Screw or be screwed, the law is only worth anything when it is enforced- which is rarely. Morality is for the weak.
  8. "a net loss of about 450 positions from its 33,000-strong workforce" THIRTY THREE THOUSAND PEOPLE? 33,000 employed by a council of a medium-sized city? How many businesses employ more than thirty three thousand people in this country?
  9. In my job I see daily stats of traffic and sales to 90% of the major retailers online. Today, and boxing day especially, are normally huge days. How this year compares to last will be interesting, but online retail has been pretty much immune to any downturn so far. Naturally however, the media are happy reporting big numbers online, but they omit the fact that the high street is being eaten alive because of this.
  10. Well for one thing, if you have 0% inflation, population growth would guarantee deflation in real terms. E.g same amount of money spread out over more people.
  11. The banks are/were insolvent and have only survived because of public assistance. Without that, there would be no bonuses at all. The fact that one area of the business made money while the other was losing it is irrelevant. If administrators were called in they certainly wouldn't be concerned with 'ringfenced' bonus pools or who lost/made the money.
  12. Sorry to be a pedant, but I thought Spivs go to wine bars?
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