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  1. Seems residential properties are to be excluded from SIPPS.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/bsp/hi/pdfs...report_1980.pdf "5.63 ... from 6 April 2006 SIPPs and all other forms of self-directed pensions will be prohibited from obtaining tax advantages when investing in residential property, and certain other assets such as fine wines. This action will ensure that tax relief is only given to those whose purpose in making the contribution is to provide themselves with a secure retirement income. However, the Government remains committed to encouraging investment in a range of assets as part of pensions saving and is therefore minded to allow SIPPs to invest in genuinely diverse commercial vehicles that hold residential property, such as the proposed Real Estate Investment Trust model (detailed further in Chapter 3). The Government will not hesitate to take action if it becomes clear that people are trying to use collective vehicles to get around the rules for prohibited assets." ooops!
  2. There customers are always poor! And the company in question has delivered double digit growth for the last 5 years
  3. Yup, that is cheap for Nash Grove Lane. Would be interesting to see how big the bedrooms are though. Is it the one carved out of the backgarden of the house on the corner of Barkham Ride?
  4. Accountants earn 30k? In industry... And the rest. 30k is for low for someone who has just qualified. (say 2/3 years afer graduation) A 23 y/o part qual will get 25 ish. A small company accountant/group finance/management a/c is on 50k . A small PLC FD is on 200+ And one tries to shoot us :-) Or sh8g us :-(
  5. In nearby Wokingham, similar story. Lots of Sold Signs. All with SSTC.
  6. Yup! Friend have had nice town centre 2 bed flat on for sale at Oct 03 £245 Jan 04 £265 Aug04 £240 Now £200 Bought for £208 in 2002 :-( So now in negative equity territory. Is v sad as bought to live, not as an investment but they need to sell. A Rightmove search on 2 bed flats £190-250k has over 20 pages of returns. Place is crawling with new developments and more due to be finsihed in next few months...
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