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  1. Radio 4 short news at 2pm just found time for a decline in frog numbers and an auction of a Roman helmet, but not for the largest decline in monthly HPs ever. VIs must be sh****** themselves to be engaged in such levels of suppression!
  2. Wow. It's a beautiful day. High five to all the veterans.
  3. Given some of the problems already encountered in selling much more modest tranches of gilts, it's unlikely to be at 0.5% interest. Think more Ocean Finance rates.
  4. They are also likely to become bored by deflation followed by doomed attempts at reflation.
  5. I grew up in that area, one of the poorest parts of Wigan. At the peak of the bubble that type of house would probably have been valued somewhere around 90k+ I reckon. £51k seems a fair "reversion to mean2" price. Equivalent properties on estate Agent books are still priced somewhat higher.
  6. If you think 39000 administrators is excessive for something as complex as the NHS you are all completely mental. Of course you could significantly reduce the bureacracy by simplifying what the NHS does. Just don't mither when your kid cannot get treated.
  7. What else can you expect from a country where some hospital administrators in Pittsburgh have a $50m Bombardier Global Express jet, just for the occasional overseas jaunt. http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburgh...n/s_506290.html
  8. Us veterans are such a sympathetic lot eh? Anyways, while I wouldn't call these folks scum, I cannot have much sympathy, especially as the delay in completeion actually gave them extra time to sort the situation out.
  9. Oliver Cromwell was a fascistic psychopathic mass murdering religious fundamentalist. Careful what you wish for.
  10. In that pic he reminds me greatly of Geoffrey Howe. Wonder if Merv is planning to give Gordie a dead sheep savaging?
  11. At the risk of enraging the uberbears, clearly there will be some marginal buyers drawn in, and I would be unsuprised if that did lead to a levelling off of prices. BUT there is still a big problem with affordability. If it's house price rises you want then there would need to a combination of low FTB interest rates AND sub-20% deposit requirements. Heck, if I could get an 80% LTV with a 5 year fix under 4% I'd be tenmpted to buy myself, but while the lenders continue to offer usurious terms I'll sit on my hands, and that will be the case with most others, especially as most folks are also worried about job security.
  12. There is certainly a Spring Bounce in the number of desperate VI proclamations of a Spring Bounce.
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