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  1. Get your ski's out, it's downhill all the way! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. don't mention 'BTL' ......I have removed that term from my vocabulary....
  3. Nothing suprises me anymore, the economists are getting it completely wrong, and after a series of 'shock' rises, house prices are still rising apparently. King has tried but failed so far to cool the market, it's time for some serious action.
  4. Not long now................. 0.5% rise seems quite feasible.......
  5. Rollocks to the lot of you. So what if I'm bitter, livid, furious, whatever. I am not ashamed to express my disgust, and I'm sure you would feel the same if you had to choose between renting or buying a pathetic house. :angry:
  6. Do you honestly think there is even one person on this website that doesn't want to own there own home and gain equity from it? The problem is the opportunity to do so has been eroded.
  7. I am not a hypocrite, I gained from HPI and will again in the future. At the moment I do not agree with BTL when there are so few houses for ordinary people. If there were plenty of houses for everyone BTLing would be fine.
  8. I have nothing against gaining from property at all, I have, my parents have, my friends have. Others should also have the opportunity to do so too, but the problem is there are no houses left to gain from because of the large numbers of BTL's frenziedly buying them all up. Have you ever heard of sharing?
  9. I am not a hypocrite, as I have not bought a second home. That is my argument BTL's have caused misery. I am not a BTLer, never have been.
  10. “2006 saw the buy-to-let market grow very rapidly with strong tenant demand resulting from high levels of immigration and frustrated buyers. This, along with a shift in preferences towards buy-to-let as an investment and the growth of buy-to-let financing, helped to shore up demand for property and so support house price growth. Demand from buy-to-let purchasers more than replaced the fall back in the number of the first-time buyers priced out of the market. Buy-to-let purchases accounted for about 10% of all house purchases in 2005; by the third quarter of 2006 this proportion had increased to 16%." I don't need any help....................... unlike yourselves who fight in packs....................... I can take you all on.
  11. So it's 3 against 1 now is it? I'm not bitter........................I'm absolutely livid, as are many others who have to live in rented accomodation. There are many people who could buy now if they really wanted to but simple refuse to buy a tatty 2 bedroom for 300K, it's an absolute joke, and you know it. Although this argument has become personal and juvenile, I play along out of sheer frustration more than anything, because I do believe that the explosion in BTL's has pushed house prices to extremes unseen before. I also understand that the pensions crisis sparked this insanity and that much of the responsibility lies with the government. However, I am obviously infuriated by those who come on here 'flashing their cash', when there are many families living in dire straights, having their homes repossessed, some even ending up homeless. Also, of course, there are huge numbers of even public sector workers, who are priced out. People don't enjoy living in rented accomodation, we all want a place to call a long term home, there is no security in rented. You're right, I benefited greatly by being able to nuture my own children in their early years, a luxury for most. At the time though, the BTL craze was non - existent (unless I was unaware of it). Now I am waiting for a severe drop in house prices, but I am aware that this will also cause misery and sufferring for new LL's and homeowners. It's an appalling situation and you must unsterstand that BTL has played a major role in this crisis.
  12. .... for all those viewing, I am now rather bored as well as tired so I shall continue (if I really have to) tomorrow.........goodnight
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