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  1. They are thinking "I cant afford a mortgage for a house now and the rates are as low as they are going to get and the only way up from here is up. Whats the point in trying i'm just going to get on with my life in rented until houses are cheaper or I am getting paid more" This is the attitude of some friends of mine who have been trying to buy for a few years but have now given up.
  2. From what I gather if you have a bank account with cash then you have capital so that counts against your HB. If you have a one account where its all debt then read below: As long as you claim you didn't know then you have a chance!!
  3. Software Packager, rolling three month contract - been here for nearly five years. Just about to start a Windows 7 refresh so I am now optimistict as the workload has doubled and we are getting two new contractors in.
  4. For me when the YOY figure is -4% then I need to think about buying.
  5. I am not denying that your stratergy wont work. However in my case it is my dream house and it is 30% of peak so that is good enough for me. Regardless of these facts there is no way I am rushing in whilst the game is still far from over. You know it's not always about getting a dream house - If you can get say 20% off peak on the average house then you would have saved you over £70,000 over the lifetime of a mortgage. Thats a lot of extra money that is then available to you and your family.
  6. It hasn't passed me by and neither has the house i'm interested in which is still faling in value. In fact they knocked another £25,000 off of it this week. All I'm saying is that it's a buyers market and there is no need to rush into these things. Don't let the bulls tell you otherwise
  7. There has been a lot of Bullish news recently but lets just put this into perspective: When I was looking to buy a house in 2004 it took me six months to find a property to buy. For those six months I phoned the estate agents every morning and made appointments to see available properties after work. By the time I had finished my working day 99% of the properties had sold!! The properties that were left had major problems which would not have been cost effective for a developer to remedy. Cut to today: I have my eye on a beautiful property with land. It has been on the market for ov
  8. If you want to teach you kids anything - Teach them that they can setup their own business and be their own masters.
  9. Interesting. Here is another way of looking at this statement: "Give us our money back you thieving W**K**S.".
  10. Can't speak for the Dollar but with regards to the Yen: Japan seem to be in the same boat as the rest of us and is still using an IR policy of "Lower than every one else in the world". Considering that many people believe that the only way is "Up" from here with reagrds to UK IR Rates then what we could be seeing now is the "Reset" of the Yen Carry trade.
  11. 12 years work and at what cost to the tax payer
  12. I used to live in that building when I first moved to Croydon. They are not pretty.
  13. I have now started to look at properties on Right Move so that I know what the market is like in the area I want to move to. I am planning to move next year. The one thing that did strike me was that Romans did have some good quality property priced more realistically than it's peers. I put this down to either a good negotiator or the fact the some of these properties looked like they have been owned by the same owners for decades and will still make a load of cash even with the percentage drop.
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