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  1. What ever you do Faulty don't mention Immigration! Its not fluffy bunny enuff
  2. I'm no labour lover, Tony B was a lying git, but a very slick operator and a born leader Gordy B is a hopeless f**kwit who every one seemed to take an instant dislike too and is a sure fire guarantee of election failure, the best they have infact Do Labour really want out? so that the tories can take the blame, then Labour can move in to 'clean up' the 'tories' supposed mess Maybe I am just being paranoid, but everyone I talk too agrees that Gordy has a face you just want to punch SO HARD! Anyone agree/disagree on Labours fallguy?
  3. To someone who commented why doesn't anyone really know about this? Well i am going to email this table to everyone I know and ask them to do the same. The people have a right to know what their government and their whore media aren't telling them I advise you to do the same And as for those trying to blame the tories as labour 'only continued what they had started' well whether its true or not its a pretty weak argument! Mind you its a pretty weak government spose Mummy mummy timmys flushing all our money down the bog, oh it ok dear he's only continuing what your elder brother started?
  4. CIA Website Debt - external 1 World $ 44,610,000,000,000 2004 est. 2 United States $ 10,040,000,000,000 30 June 2006 est. 3 United Kingdom $ 8,280,000,000,000 30 June 2006 4 Germany $ 3,904,000,000,000 30 June 2006 5 France $ 3,461,000,000,000 30 June 2006 Still proud of yourself for voting Labour?
  5. Just labour trying to gain some support becuase they know they have f**ked up and are scared the BNP will steal their past voters who amazingly are really peeved that their country has been raped by labours incompetence Dont worry though viewers the Labour party won't do anything about the problem (that they have created) in either the short medium or long term SPIN SPIN SPIN CNTS CNTS CNTS And I should know I'm one of the f**kwits that voted for them 12 years ago as they PROMISED to hold a referendum on Europe. and I'm still waiting :angry:
  6. You are a racist scumbag for bringing this to our attention! People that have just jumped off of a banana boat (or a vodka vessel in this case) with nothing, should have far more rights to a house than the hard up families of those that were born here and have contributed to the system for generations. When will people like you realise that the European Superstate grand communist experiment is far more important than what ever is happening in your back yard. Thankfully in a few generations it is YOU will be the minority in this country
  7. At least they'll have a 100% appropriate space monkey in charge of the starship f**wit now
  8. The good people of this country had the chance to do something about Labours rot in the local elections by voting BNP or possibly even UKIP and only 1.5% of them chose to do so, so as far as I'm concerned 98.5% of the population of UK can basically feck off and stop whining. You got the sh*t council/government sh*t voters like you deserve The weak goverment have no balls to say up yours Europe because the weak electorate haven't the balls to elect a strong government
  9. Too true Bogey The next time some smug lefty tries to gloat about 'your' BNP losing try pointing out that when the BNP loses everbody loses The future is bleak, the future is Islam
  10. PS: Funny how the BNP only get 30%+ of the vote in towns with really high number of ethnics e.g. Barking, Bradford, etc. Probably just a coincidence I suppose, after all labour's been telling us ow how big a success multicullturalism is
  11. yes but try to tell us without the dodgy english accent you have picked up from your bum boy mates
  12. The good people of this country (inc. Berkshire) had the chance to do something about it in the local elections by voting BNP or possibly even UKIP and only 1.5% of them chose to do so, so as far as I'm concerned 98.5% of the population of UK can basically feck off and stop whining. You got the sh*t council/government sh*t voters like you deserve The weak goverment have no balls to say up yours Europe because the weak electorate haven't the balls to elect a strong government
  13. If multiculturalism is so successful Why do the far right get so many votes in countries and areas with high concentration of immigrants? Pretty f**kin obvious to all but liberal loones spose
  14. And to think the working classes have been voting Labour for a decade in the belief that they are looking out for them! Mugs New Labour, New Stupid c**unts with no f**kin clue
  15. I think you are giving up on UK too easy my friend I used to live in London, found it pants, retrained and moved to Yorkshire where houses were 40% cheaper but wages ok, and NO I didnt take a single buck of HP gain with me. I'd never owned a property before moving north. Life has been pretty good to me and the more I travel the UK I find more and more beautiful friendly places I would like to live. Sure there are ghettos and scummers in a lot of places, but then we have the Sh*ttest government in the world for another 2 years yet and yes I do hold them responsible for not fixing probs with UK Plc, that includes letting the whold HPI debacle continue unabated I believe once Scotland gets its independance the Labour party will die forever and good riddance A round about way of saying look around your own backyard for a place in the sun before you jump the fence Just one other thing all the money you make in Thailand might not add up to dick when you want to comeback as you may live like a king over there on £10k pa but your £2k savings pa wont buy a house in west ever again.... kapesh
  16. "Brown - I Was Never Any Good At Maths" Would be amazed if he was good at anything Probably too busy hangin around the boys showers
  17. Forget Gay Brown and *****y Milbank, This poster should be the next prime min!

  18. Dear Friends It is very easy to get pissed off when your government is screwing you as much as it can by manipulting figures to ensure HPI stays up solely to secure themselves another election victory regardless of the long term damage to the economy. However..... There will be a HPC soonish for the obvious reasons that; 1. Housing is overpriced by about 34% 2. The MPC can only continue manipulating things for so much longer until they start getting there sticky little fingers REALLY burnt in next few years, same for the banks 3. Nu-Labour scum will only prop up HPI until the elections. Tories will try and sort out the mess left (as usual) but they will carry can, hence labour back in within 7 years, WHOOPEE! 4. We always lag behind US by about 6-12 months, and they are currently down there between 13-16% 5. The tulip bubble, dot coms, south sea bubble, previous HP bubbles. they all end ONE WAY! The scene is set for a massive depression in UK now. Imagine 1 Million Polish fukin off back home when a recession starts = all those houses back on the market. Add 10% extra unemployed=there homes back on market/downsize. All speculative property sold in stampede thats another 1 in 40 homes back in circulation. And no one will have a fukin bean to spend. Cos everyine will be too sh*t scared about losing their house/job so wont be spending a penny/start paying off their massive debts = longer recession. Me I pray for a soft landing for us all otherwise Labour is going to drag us all into the mother of all recessions
  19. 9112=2011 you are correct, but this thread isnt about ***** size its about hpi and immigration! So nob off! The study results showed that the average world size ***** when erect is 14 centimetres (5.5 inches). The biggest averages were registered in France 16 cm (6.2 in), Italy 15 cm (5.9 in), Mexico 14.9 cm (5.8 in) and Spain 14 cm (5.5 in). In the United States, the average is 12.9 cm (5 in) while in Venezuela is 12,7 cm (4.9 in), and in Brazil is 12.4 cm (4.8 in). The smallest averages were found in India 10.2 cm (3.9 in) and South Korea 9,6 cm (3.7 in).
  20. I wonder if the native Americans had similar discussions when they first bumped into Europeans on their soil? Wise Indian: Man we gotta get rid of these rednecks before they start coming in shiploads Stupid Liberal Indian: But think of all the things they can teach us, they will help us with our harvests, use their medicine to care for our old and sick. Besides only a few more will come over and they'll probably get fed up with the wide open spaces and fuk off back to Europe soon Wise Indian: Me see heep big trouble brewing. Methink stupid liberal indian man fukwit 3 Months later Wise Indian: How come white man no leave! White man now outnumber us 10 to 1, even trying to kill us and wipe out our proud race Stupid Liberal Indian: I've got this pamphlet from Labour Central Office, it might help. I've got a good job working on the railroad now, bye Wise Man (reads): A Socialist Plan For Peace?
  21. Immigrants are the backbone of this country Britain should have a completely open door policy to the world otherwise we are technically discriminating against non europeans I actually think Britain has a rather shameful and pathetic past and feel very proud that other ethnic grups are able to contribute something to the mix we can for once feel proud of
  22. He's trying to be ironic dumbo Honestly are all anti-racists as thick as you two
  23. Er why don't we bring in immigrants in like 10-20 years time then durrr when/if we need them. rather than reducing the available jobs/wages/housing to native population who in turn are leaving having a family later and later and having less and less kids asa result Don't bother voting pilgrim, please let intelligent people do the thinking for you
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