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  1. Local Authorities have been known to give the most outrageous rulings in this intense property market we live in, planning permissions disappear, listed trees become delisted, Solar Exclipse Extensions are forced through, I hear such stories every week, my conclusion...Local Authorities are being bought, lets face it, if a builder/ developer can make £100k, he will happily give £10k to have the rules bent until they snap. What's more, our LA friend, will happily take the cash, why should he worry!
  2. Ooops, I guess Simon Tyler will not be invited to give anymore quotes to the press. I agree in part, financial institutions are too keen to lend. We are perhaps also to keen, to gear up, which done correctly is very clever way of existing, but requires shrewdness, something I, and I am sure alot of other people lack! perhaps if we weren't so keen to go beyond our means, the lenders would not have underpinned the steep rise, and we would have seen a more gradual, sustainable incline in the housing market. Hindsight...
  3. Hi, Has anyone considered the long term potential of BioFuels? I only ask because I recently saw our man Richard Branson pledging $3bn (?) of Virgin transport operational profits over 10 years to the development of BioFuels. If he sees the potential here?... Am I naive to think that BioFuels may be a good investment for the future? Does anyone know of any companies operating in this area? Your thoughts on this will be gratefully received. Cheers
  4. Hi, Does anyone know about the down sides to these SIPP schemes, (buying a property = pension fund) I have seen the benefits of No CGT on sale and no tax on rental income, but yet to see a sight which gives a balanced view on the scheme. Cheers
  5. Hey, I do not believe that marriage is necessarily a commitment. It may be required socially in certain circles, or through religious beliefs but ultimately is still just two people living together. What is a commitment, is when you sign your lives away on a 25 year mortgage and begin fornicating. This is based on the here and now and the future, not century old beliefs. Personally, people are unaware of why they are getting married, I am sure if you asked the excitable newly weds why they did it they will spew out the "love" spiel, my thought to that response is, if you love each other why get married, it just seems like a safety net to me! Anyway to tie this back to the property subject, I think you should keep your assets to yourself, whatever the relationship. Then once you are settle, go into investments under the joint name, if events conspire to end the relationship, then the split will be easy, and hopefully diplomatic, except for who gets the Meatloaf:Bat out of Hell album. Co habitors *shocked gasp* and Married couples should be treated equally when it comes to dividing up the assets after conflict sets in.
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