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  1. I might be willing to say that Fiat is fraud, because it was once backed by Gold and people don't seem to have woken up to the meaning of that, but not the banking system. FRB is not fraud, counterfeiting perhaps, but not fraud. Edit: missing 'to'.
  2. They have left out nothing of material importance. Just because the counterpart is in the dark doesn't mean they are liable. This is old. The crisis is years old now. If the fraud argument could stick it would have done.
  3. They are insolvent, doesn't mean they have committed fraud.
  4. You would be doing yourself a favour if you dropped this belief. Yes, most people have no clue about the banking system. No, the bank does not have a responsibility to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  5. It would be slightly interesting to know what they talk about, but I'm not too worried about Bilderberg. I'm more worried about popular Democracy.
  6. Sounds to me like he's confusing the public sector with the economy. This will be a safe assumption for fewer and fewer people going forward in time.
  7. Will Hutton is wary about using this language of morality with debt.
  8. They will listen to rationality when they have been lied to once too many times. People like being lied to.
  9. Then what are you complaining about then? This might be a good job for someone. Unlikely, perhaps but it might be. If you are not personally affronted, but upset on behalf of others then why not let them speak for themselves?
  10. Yep, we have a land oligarchy who expect to get rent for their entire life without lifting a finger. If the serfs complain we are communists.
  11. Fair enough. The intruder might not have been aware of your claim, but ignorance makes no difference, you have a right to shift them otherwise it would, or might, be a mess. Property rights, it seems to me, is one of those things where we must pay attention to our actions more closely than other forms of crime. It's not like you can just have a rule to not hit people, with property rights that changes depending on the location. I don't see a way around it, perhaps regretfully, I don't know.
  12. Concerned onlookers who are trying to decide whether you are a dangerous lunatic, or someone who can be trusted to be at large in the community.
  13. So let's say you make the mistake of leaving your house unlocked, someone wanders in, you find them in your bed, asleep. Is there any physical action that you can justifiably take?
  14. You're arguing the more difficult side, so kudos for that, it's always easier to 'defend' the prevailing situation
  15. What will happen if you defend your property with force, who is to say that you didn't initiate?
  16. So you don't mind people using force to defend land? Do you even accept it as legitimate that people use force to defend their own made property?? It might be easier if we make the distinction and discuss 'space', rather than land. Is it OK to use force to defend space and if not can we ever have space rights? Are space rights not utilitarian because then we can plant the crops we like and paint our bedroom the colour we like without fear of being usurped??
  17. If it didn't happen we wouldn't need laws, so why even discuss it?
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