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  1. Hurrah !! Another lovely thread detailing the terrifying worries of Ugly, Unsuccessful, Sex-Starved Losers !! As a person who suffers from none of the above, please permit me to not give a shit about Immigration !! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSZdb2buU_c
  2. Relax everybody ..... there is no Energy Crisis and the Laws of Physics are bullsh1t ..... these dudes have discovered errr, ya know, Perpetual Motion !! http://www.steorn.com/ Luck of the Irish I guess !!
  3. Would that include me as I have two Degrees and work as an Actuary ?? Out of curiosity, what do you do Genius ?? Most will go back home with the money they've carefully saved up Happens already with the ever growing numbers of Chavs Fool !! To a greater or lesser extent, we are all threatened ..... it's called the Global Economy ..... we either compete with the BRICs Nations by being smarter (as we can't compete on price) or we die (or in your case moan!) Nobody "deserves" work ..... it goes to the best man/woman for the job ..... we all switch to the cheapest electricity supplier etc ....
  4. LOL [email protected] !! So you're STILL poor and working a job that is desperately insecure ..... ROFL !! If perhaps you had any education/knowledge/understanding of Economics you'd see that kicking out all the foreigners would actually put you out of work, not (as you seem to think!) give you a big pay rise !! If a company has to pay "full" wages to it's employees, it will have to charge higher for it's product/service than others = it won't be able to compete = it will eventually go bust !! People coming to work in Britain for crap money are actually keeping the country afloat ..... you bitt
  5. I was expecting some of you would have noted the discrepancy of the articles title and seen the irony of how the mainstream spin has flipped from positive to negative ..... instead of making things sound better than they are it seems they are making things look worse ..... so media hype and therefore sheeple sentiment will follow accordingly ..... anyway nevermind eh !!
  6. Isn't that what killed Bill Hicks ?? ...... How is Ron Paul's health ?? .....
  7. Ron Paul will be remembered as The Greatest President America Never Had ..... :angry: Even though Paul is slowly gaining support in the more intelligent and enlightened sections ..... the vast majority of America is very suspicious of his Pro Market Policies ..... which are being manipulated to mean severe slashing of all social services including an elimination of Social Security, Medicare and all funding to support education etc ..... there is also strong opposition to Paul's ideas on closing down most of the Federal Agencies which regulate Corporations ..... They are also twisting him
  8. Dubai is about a decade late in coming to the party ..... by the time all the building is finished, we'll be in the middle of a major global downturn ..... and probably a couple more wars !!
  9. I'd love to know who "on good authority" gave you that advice !! A lovely VI no doubt !! Dubai is at best a White Elephant and at worst a ticking time-bomb .....
  10. Any good businessman knows that before you release a "new product" you should sell off all the "old product" ..... i.e. milk as much money out of oil as you can while you can !! Personally I think Zero Point Energy/Cold Fusion/Gravitational Field Energy/etc is virtually inevitable ..... but it is decades if not centuries away ..... What is fascinating about these Steorn guys is how they readily accept that the world will be calling them a scam and/or a publicity stunt ..... but who exactly is making any money out of this fiasco and who would want the kind of counter-productive PR they are ge
  11. Well not exactly ..... !! Is anybody here following the Steorn "Perpetual Motion" controversy ?? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/6283374.stm http://www.steorn.com/orbo/claim/
  12. Boeing just sold 700 of their new 787's ..... http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/80536.html Apparently these new planes are 20% more fuel efficient ..... of course if people just stopped flying far more fuel would be saved .....
  13. Us westerners are an interfering lot ain't we It's not quite appeasement ..... we invaded Iraq unlawfully and are killing them by the thousands ..... so you consider us stopping their mass murder as kissing their @rse ?? !! I've never heard of any Muslims being killed in Britain for homosexuality or apostasy ..... although it's touching that you wish to protect all the gay apostate Muslims Solvy !! Gay bashing tends to be a White Chav hobby ...... Well we'll have to considering Sharia will NEVER be in Britain !!
  14. The nutter extremists want us and our American rulers to get the funk out of the Middle East, pure and simple ...... all this Shariah Law b0llocks is just them getting over excited and throwing in the kitchen sink to make a point ..... ..... only a pants wetting pussy coward would actually think it would ever happen in Britain !! As far as Stoning and Capital Punishment etc ..... that is precisely what this country needs !! Start hanging the murderers and cutting hands off thieves and Britain's crime rate will drop to almost nothing ..... when I was in Dubai a friend told me to throw some
  15. No you wouldn't ..... you'd just come back home and post on the internet about it !!
  16. FFS call in a couple of SAS units and kill the funkers ..... no more of these extremist nutters will protest ever again (and they are just extremists, and in no way representative etc etc) Of course this will never happen in a counrty that gives a cushy prison holiday to even worse nutters like Rapists and Child Molesters .....
  17. You may wish to debate (aka bitch and moan!) ..... where as I merely wish to ridicule !! Most people come here to talk about, you know, a house price crash ..... it's curious why a handful of you nutters have congregated on HPC ..... surely the BNP websites would be more appropriate for all this inane and repetitive chatter ?? Or is this a clever new recruiting idea by the Far Right ?? I am neither Pro nor Anti Immigration ..... so go ahead, knock yourself out with your "debating" ..... be sure to let me know if it ever changes anything !! I find you fascinating because I don't know anybod
  18. No, you don't !! People like you don't have a sense of humour (or a sex life) !! Please do continue crying like a baby over immigration ..... the fact you think yourself and your dozen buddies will make any difference is hilarious !! By the way, you forgot my Fries .....
  19. Fukk you ya small dikked weasel - why don't you p1ss off to a Nazi website where you would feel more welcome ..... but first, bring me my Big Mac before I complain to your Manager .....
  20. Sweet !! Another mile long thread about immigration !! All you nutters obviously know you will never change anything ..... you do know that right ?? !!
  21. What is the easiest way to invest in these funds ?
  22. Well if she does then no wonder Bovey is always grinning !!
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