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  1. stressed

    Fun Figures From L R Quarterly Report

    Midlothian * Average Cost: 173,931 * Detached: N/A * Semi-detached: N/A * Terraced: N/A * Flat: N/A * Change in last quarter: 0.2% * Change in last year: 3.1% * Sales: 370 I just dont get it. Volumes are really low but houses around me that have gone up are not shifting. Just on the outskirts of Edinburgh i wonder why we havent been hit too. Maybe a ripple with the epicenter in Edinburgh perhaps.
  2. stressed

    Debt Collection Agents

    Can we shift yet another anti scottish thread off the main forum please. I come here to read about the economy and house prices not some keyboard warriors worthless opinions. I should start talking about gold, that'll get it shifted pronto
  3. Wouldn't get too excited SL has been on the rocks for a good while and is very badly run. The last time they had redundancies all their good staff left to get other jobs and they were left with the chaff. I do agree though that SL is a sizeable employer in Edinburgh so could hit quite a few people hard. Now when RBS start announcing redundancies thats when i'll really start worrying.
  4. stressed

    Lurkers Amnesty

    Yep i be a lurker too. Came to this site when i found out we had a baby on the way and was needing to move from our 2 bed flat to a house. The Nesting instincts of a pregnant lady are a powerful thing. Moved in to our new house about 3 months ago, bought at the top of the market i know but we moved outside of town but sold our centre flat at the top of the market as well. I am a neither about property really think things are going to take a downturn but dont really factor it too much into my life. I believe in protecting yourself as much as possible and just getting on with it really. Thanks to the advice/info on this forum bought the new house with 3.5x combined income, 4.5x when missus goes back only part time after maternity leave finishes. Got a 10 year fixed rate protect from any rate issues and have 6 months full income in the bank in case of emergency. We also bought a house we dont ever have to leave so cannot be trapped with something unsuitable so prices no longer matter to me really. No other debt whatsoever if i dont have it i dont spend it. The only unknown is actually keeping my job It was always suitable for me to buy (try telling your pregnant wife you plan to STR and when you are in hospital you have plenty of time to read through the ESPC to find a house ) but thanks to the info from this site i feel i have protected myself as good as i can really. So thanks guys.
  5. stressed

    Break Up Of The Uk

    why will our taxes shoot up?
  6. stressed

    Break Up Of The Uk

    I would hope not. This thread has a nasty anti-scottish edge and i laugh when people say the scottish don't like the English when i believe it is 50/50. Stuffed but we should have a decent stockpile of cash from the previous years of oil sales to see us through. http://news.scotsman.com/scotland.cfm?id=1714212006 How stuffed is England going to be when they get drawn in to another war they have followed America into?
  7. stressed

    Break Up Of The Uk

    Yeah totally, of course you will be able to use force to claim the oil. Your attitude is great though, being seperated from the likes of you sounds like a great idea.
  8. stressed

    Break Up Of The Uk

    Not sure you wil have a choice Guv. Don't worry we will give you mates rates
  9. To be honest (not wanting to slash on anyones fire) but as far as i can see the Midlothian and West Lothian comment has to be lies. If anything the sodding prices are getting worse. Demand seems to have tapered off a wee bit but the folks selling are not entertaining lower offers. I should know i have tried!! I'll keep looking and hoping
  10. stressed

    Snp And Independence

    Yes indeed, i am on this site to learn, which i have been doing. Suppose though i should trust the skills of a guy on an Internet forum that says he has recently "supervised the drilling of a well ". For all i know you could be a binman on the windup. I can see what you are saying but i can't believe that a finite resource will be just left as there isn't enough profit to be made. The less there is of stuff the more expensive it becomes so at some point it will become viable for whoever to get at it. Does anyone have a breakdown of the oil split across the scotland/england divide. A map would be nice as figures hurt my head
  11. stressed

    Snp And Independence

    Mmmm having a financial HQ in London means they are closer to the money men as opposed to having any other significance. If BP and Shell pull out there will be more firms ready to get the oil. You seriously trying to tell me that in times of oil depletion companies are going to sit back and say nah not going to touch that Scottish oil, too expensive. In fact Scotland should just sit on it for a few years and charge premium prices since the rest will have run out, winner!
  12. stressed

    Snp And Independence

    Kevino i'd rather share my 45ml of beer with my 5 million Scots than your 90ml of beer with 50 million English/Welsh. You geedit? To quote you or is that just fool?Edit: So i could add in the quotes and make my post look pr0
  13. Just wanted to a my 2 p's worth. I work in IT as an outsourced consultant and work in many large organisations. I have seen the majority of companies attempt some kind of outsourcing to India but the funny thing is that the jobs are all coming back. I spoke with one of the Indian guys and he didnt like scotland as it was too cold and they didnt have enough vegetarian options so who says the necessarily want to be here? In terms of being out of a job in IT and having to keep your skills up to date, i see it as par for the course you need to keep yourself competetive and trained constantly, see lots of jobs for something you cant do buy a book from amazon and spend the £80 to do the exam. They want real world experience?, dude everyone "exaggerates" on their CV if you are confident you can do the work, got the certificate and it gets your foot in the door why not. Happy job hunting
  14. stressed

    From Bear To Bull To Bear

    And to Mr Bear goggles too it would seem. I was basically stating one is secured and one isn't.
  15. stressed

    From Bear To Bull To Bear

    Yeah but a loan will pay for a house so it is secured, they will not give a loan for stock as it isn't. You can't be that silly can you?

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