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  1. Yes, outside London too. In fact I'd guess that most (if not all) couples with 3 children in the private or social rented sector that are on benefits and not exempt from the cap will be affected to some extent. Certainly the modelling I have done points in that direction. Also, anyone who lives outside London that was already subject to a cap at £26k has lost a further £6k per annum. This is a big change and calls into question the viability of providing 3 bedroom rented accommodation to families. The SPeye blog has been talking about this for a long time and is worth a read if this an area
  2. I'm off to the footy and won't be back for ten hours. Use the time to think about it but as I am in a good mood here's a few for starters - home services, unprescribed medication, transportation, laundry costs, dietary requirements.
  3. And how exactly is that of relevance to gf3's post and my response?
  4. That's perhaps the most ignorant post I have ever read. Anywhere. Well done.
  5. Hessle is a small town just to the west of Hull with a population of about 15 thousand so shows what a lot of b0ll0x the alexa thing is.
  6. Meanwhile, in other news... NOTTS County Council has revealed it may need to axe an extra 1,500 posts over the next three years, in a bid to save £150m. The council had initially predicted that 1,500 jobs could be axed between now and 2013. But today officials said this figure could be closer to 3,000 due to increased budget pressures. The 'council reshape' will see some services reduced or removed, although it is not yet known which ones will be affected. Click here for more Most of the 12,000 staff members at Notts County Council will be offered the chance to take voluntary redundancy.
  7. I haven't counted them all, but there are 50 in the bottom row
  8. Lets have some huggzz for all those who spent too much or should that read - stop whinging you stupid old fool, you spent it now you pay it back!. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=2309447
  9. Its been three years since I was involved in this area of work so what I am about to say may now be outdated but the Govt used to only only pay interest on the first £100k borrowed and definitely not pay interest on rolled up credit card debts and car loans. Thorough checks are undertaken on amounts borrowed and proofs of expenditure required. If the house was purchased after October 1995 then any help offered would only start from the 39th week of a claim. Thats right, no help for 9 months! The assumption made by the Govt is that most responsible citizens of the UK would have a Mortgage Pr
  10. You were making a little bit of sense until that last bit spoiled it for you. Up the Tigers!
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