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  1. That's over a grand each! Whoopeee - I'm spending mine on a holiday!
  2. Thatcher's historical reputation hinges on whether she will come to be seen as responsible for this mess. It's true she ran down manufacturing and was all for deregulation of the markets; does that mean she's to blame for the inevitable outpouring of greed and short-termism that resulted? The jury is out. As for Brown, I believe he will become a by-word for everything a PM shouldn't be. If you made him up as a fictional character, people would say, 'He's quite funny in a grotesque sort of way, but Francis Urqhhart was far more believable.'
  3. At the time of Munich, Churchill said of Chamberlain: 'You had a choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour, you will have war.' Pity there's no-one around to demolish Brown in similar fashion.
  4. Perhaps there is a worse one who got written out of history entirely.
  5. A gent, with a distinguished career under Churchill in the war. Had to wait too long to succeed Churchill. Just one big mistake; thought Britain could still throw its weight around and got shafted by the US. Worse than Brown? I think not. At least he resigned.
  6. Hmm, just looked him up in Wikipedia. True, he was opposed to electoral reform, so not very progressive; also six people turned down the role of chancellor in his government (not sure why). But he seems to have run the Napoleonic wars well enough. His main claim to being a bad PM seems to be that that he was assassinated by a madman. Seems a bit unfair to blame him for that. Next contender? Chamberlain is the obvious one, but at least he tried to avoid a bloody war, however mistakenly.
  7. I lived in NZ too; attitudes and outlook like Britain in the '50s - and that was Auckland! Fantastic, empty scenery; the country's bigger than the UK, with 3.5m people. If you like the outdoor life (and nothing else) you'll love it. Bone up on your rugby, that's the only stimulating topic of conversation.
  8. Thatcher had her faults, but she was decisive, strong, had a firm vision of the future and was re-elected three times. Gordon Brown, on the other hand... A worse Prime Minister in the last 300 years? Any suggestions?
  9. I can think of five, offhand: - billions of QE - summer a'comin' in - low returns on savings - coordinated media hype - refusal to learn I almost feel sorry for the suckers buying now - even more moronic and gullible than those who bought in '07.
  10. A waste of time and money, certainly, but I guess (and hope) most of those who have to fill in the forms give all the kids 100% in all catagories - anyone questioning the marking can easily be portrayed as 'stygmatising' a child who needs to be encouraged and nurtured, not judged. Play these idiots at their own game.
  11. Another term would be 'buying a few more months for Gordon Brown at the expense of our children and grandchildren'.
  12. No, the point is the 'recovery' is the result of an injection of billions of non-existent money that someone, sometime will have to work very hard to make. Hope that's clear enough for you.
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