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  1. This long awaited 'crash' is really beginning to do my head in. The years of waiting just keep on extending and my children will soon be too old to need that garden which I promised myself I'd provide for them. 6 yearsdown - but how many to go? I just don't believe that such a huge financial meltdown has not resulted in a massive drop in prices. I believe the only thing left that might provide that fatal blow is a failed auction of treasuries and a loss of confidence in sterling spurring a rise in interest rates high enough to prod BTLers out of the cosy little holes that they are currently hi
  2. Have considered this myself. Do bear in mind though that you will have to pay city charges (Summer and Winter rates) on each house - about $1000 per year. Most empty houses in the less desirable postcodes are broken into and vandalised / copper piping stolen etc. If you don't pay up or let the house deteriorate too much they will demolish the house and send you the bill!!
  3. You got that list together pretty quick-smart!! I've already got plenty of toilet paper - I seem to have needed quite a lot just recently!!
  4. I have great respect for your views on economic and housing issues RB, and have followed your commentary on them with interest for 4 years. I have quite a large sum of cash (hard earnt from the establishment and sale of businesses) that I want to steer through this crisis and out the other side without loss if possible. I currently have a spread of accounts to ensure FSCS protection but I am concerned a run on one or two bigger banks will result in a domino effect that may decimate the whole system - so this protection could prove completely worthless. What would you do with cash right now??
  5. Publicity stunt to try and restore public confidence (but which will have the reverse effect I believe). For christ sake £10 billion aint much money any more - its the sort of money Richard Branson could loose down the back of his filing cabinet and not even notice.
  6. Been there, done it, I did have the t-shirt but after years of wear I could only use it to to decorate my (rented) accommodation. When it fell apart I cut it up to polish the car - then I burnt the rags to keep warm.
  7. My feelings could not even be expressed respectably in disguised form :angry:
  8. Thanks for your thoughts Gallivant (and others)! More information for me to chew on. I do find this investment business quite stressful - there always seem to be an equal number of cogent arguments on both sides of a decision, and my brain ends up blowing a gasket trying to decide!
  9. Thanks for the charts GF. I can see the relation of oil price to gold - they seemed to follow one another up and down in the 1980s. I dont get the link with M3 though as this appears to have continually risen but gold prices fell substantially in the early 1980s? As this fall was substantial I am keen to identify exactly what caused it so I can look out for the indicators this time. I already have a large stash of gold but would consider more if I knew more about the factors which could drive prices down (as well as up).
  10. I've been curious for some time to know what factors catapulted gold value to that precipitous peak back in 1980. Could any of you gold lovers enlighten me?
  11. The smart speculators have already left the building (US richest property investor sold everything he had recently - in this country theyre selling too e.g. Ajay). Those that have some sense are starting to smell the danger and are edging towards the door. When the inevitable stampede happens they'll be trampelling one another to death trying to get in the estate agents door. One BTLer in my local town has over 700 properties in his portfolio!!!!!- Christ knows how many there are nationwide.
  12. Yes - Ive noticed this too. I suppose the equity means the most to them as they are nearer retirement. Its a psychological unwillingness to see how ridiculous the situation is.
  13. Bump - Everyone should read the post by SERPICO on this thread!!
  14. Take her out shopping for clothes/shoes (and pay the bill!); book a nice holiday - distract her as best you can, BUT DONT BUY A HOUSE NOW! All markets correct, this one is long overdue. Like others on the board I'm not sure that 2007 will be the year - my moneys on 2008, so you may need to take her out for a few meals as well If things get really bad, singing whilst tap dancing can be quite distracting too!!
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