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  1. I think the data presented just blew all the FUD out of the water. Keen to see how this will be reported by the mainstream press who do not have an agenda to keep it going... Brilliant conclusion presented by Saylor at the end.
  2. Just starting. Mining Council @MonsieurCopperCrutch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KbOXG0EMuY
  3. https://youtu.be/9KbOXG0EMuY Link to the above - 22:00 GMT.
  4. And what are you implying? I'm as clean as you're gonna get. 😁 If only everyone listened with an open-mind. Well put.
  5. An interesting mix. I work in the public sector (operations) and broadly speaking we have moved to up to 50% WFH without negotiation as long site cover is agreed in advance. Believe me, this is a huge cultural shift. In my part of the business, however, most roles cannot be undertaken from home so we will be introducing a 80/20 split, once restrictions are lifted. As for me, owing to the regional structure, and the fact that my immediate peers and boss are nationally based, in theory, I can WFH 100%. I am more likely to do 20/80 or 60/40 at a push if it suits e.g. mainly for after work activities rather than spend time in a noisy office being bothered by people looking for favours! Outside of this, I've got some pretty cool colleagues and have missed being around them in workplace and hanging out with a select few in the evening.
  6. 🤣 That's why I frequent the BTC thread. It's uber-motivational despite others stating otherwise! 😁
  7. 🤯 I use NW so clearly they're currently do not characterise Kraken as a dodgy exchange. I've done a ridiculous amount of transfers I would have expected to flag my account. Will be interesting to if this changes... @markyhIf I was the girlfriend, I would have dumped him for dumping our future!
  8. Look who wants to join the ETF party. ARK is already heavily invested in BTC (as well as Tesla). https://www.cnbc.com/2021/06/28/cathie-woods-ark-invest-files-to-create-a-bitcoin-etf.html
  9. Which category would @Traktion have been in? I won't ask about current posters not so much for reasons of privacy and courtesy but because you will get buried in a mountain of salt. 🤑
  10. Love listening to the truth about Fiat the Ponzi scheme @ubuntu 😂 Maybe I shouldnt laugh as I think a few on here actually believe BTC itself can be hacked. Thank you, @MonsieurCopperCrutch Good Ol' @markyhAlways on it! 👍 Drat!
  11. A thread... Yep, it clearly illustrates the absolute genius of Bitcoin's monetary policy. Hard money!
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