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  1. Maybe not but just think, who would have even predicted we would be here in 2021. Many of those in the BTC space are surprised (Nic Carter, Saifedean Ammous, Nik Bhatia, Parker Lewis etc) a nation state jumped in so early. They were all awaiting an Apple, Google, FB etc and were blindsided by ESD.
  2. In an earlier post today @jiltedjen returned to admitting that he sold through fear, which he denied even when you posted previous conversations and admitted that he was influenced by a 'poster on here' . He couldn't bear to state your name @MonsieurCopperCrutch Strange behaviour, imo. Anyway, back to more important matters...
  3. I am just listening to Parker Lewis' 'Gradually, Then Suddenly' audio as a reminder as he released Part 2 via Peter Mc. yesterday, which I will listen to after. Fits in nicely with El Salvador, Paraguay (hopefully) and the countries that will follow. I also saw in the news today that the IMF are still negotiating whether there will be any further loan given the position taken by President Bukele. The response of the IMF nicely highlights why countries need economic sovereignty.
  4. Aha, the image was not showing when I posted, just the date. 😁
  5. A good read. @jiltedjenPlease accept my sincere apologies for not seeking permission before posting this article.
  6. You should, you might learn something about me i.e. I am my own person and can invest my cash as I please. I think I might even set up a DCA for my children. What do you think? So far, I've only used savings rather than income. @jiltedjen
  7. Oh, if only I had too much time...If I did, I would get a second job to spend solely on BTC. I may look silly to you and others who do not believe in BTC. I am actually feeling very hopeful about the future - sorry. Bitcoin thread = I am permitted to post links relevant to BTC, non? Unless you are a moderator, I guess I can ignore your opinion. I'm not like you, I don't make much commentary on things I don't quite understand or am still learning about. I come here for knowledge. We're not all experts like you or as intelligent. I've gotta start somewhere. 😁 @jiltedjenHow many fractions/decimals of a BTC or whole BTC do you think I now own?
  8. Well, that suits me! I never pay attention to any housing indices, except LR and sold prices. I monitor particular areas to get a true feel for the market. In the areas I follow, 2 br flats (asking prices) are falling and house prices (asking) have increased, sometimes significantly, but they either stick or are routinely reduced to the previous price range. The only ones that sell tend to be those below the last selling price for the road(s). No rush on my part as I have a few options, thankfully.
  9. In my view, this is not a valid position @Peter Hun Well, those, @Markhand @MonsieurCopperCrutch, who mostly pulled up @jiltedjenhave made more paper gainz even with volatility factored in than what he disposed his BTCs for. They call him out as he altered his position having sold all his BTC and implied everyone else was greedy, foolish etc. He had a brilliant position from what has been discussed on here but now DCAs back in. This is a reasonable position, imho, but not at the cost of selling all the BTC. Seems back to front to me nor would I have cleared a 100k mortgage unless I was at risk of losing the house and even then, I would have only cleared the arrears and maybe a bit up front depending upon my position. Ultimately, I think it is down to emotional/psychological tolerance with BTC and we are all different, especially the older we are...
  10. @jiltedjensorry to be direct aka maybe even rude but you are so dishonest, and the evidence is here for all to see. You were labelled an attack dog given your response to me. You're a gaslighter but don't seem to recognise this. I'm not attacking you but offering a different view, in a reasonably respectful manner. For the record, my BTC position has moved on nicely, thank you. 😁 You seem to have a particular issue with me, as you pointed out, as I haven't earned my stripes. I'm sorry that I have been able to get a strong position with reasonable ease given the trials and tribulations you faced. I am v grateful for my circumstances and do not take them for granted. I know I have been very 'fortunate', so far, in life through hardwork, being sensible with money (i.e. not buying what I would like at drop of a hat, saving, not buying the latest gadgets, fashion etc) but also personal circumstances. I recognise that this is unlikely to be the same for my children so I am doing my best to support their futures as they will need a helping hand for far longer than my generation.
  11. For a noob, I had a significant profit that I had no intention of touching as I feel BTC has much further to go. I also walked into this knowing the value could drop by 80+% so this drop is like a walk in the park. I would never sell to buy back in lower as this can not be predicted with certainty. I'm not a trader. That would foolhardy in my view. I bear you no ill will and am certainly not hoping you will be 'wrong'. It's all relative anyway. You can only be wrong if you regret your decision in time, which you may or may not even if I think you probably do. Maybe when. two bitcoin are each worth $100k you may well hold a different perspective. However, I do not believe you would be gracious enough to admit to this. The only way I could see myself selling as you did is if my house was at risk of being repossessed and I was in the last chance saloon. Other than that, I would explore every single solution to avoid selling all my BTC. @jiltedjen
  12. Wrong in your view but not in mine, clearly as I've continued to buy. I suggest you read my post. 😁 Also, check my posts when you sold, there is not one when I was quite nasty, but the complete opposite. Go find and post the positive comments I made. Dishonest, once again. I only pulled your leg at a later time along with the others but you then got nasty and of course, I defended my position and I tried to do this objectively and without throwing insults. @jiltedjenAs I keep saying, everyone's financial position is different. Some have a pile, not me, and others not much at all and many in-between. £100k is a lot of money to many (and to me) but do not pretend you know my financial position because you don't but you do know I have done alright on the BTC front considering I've just arrived. 😁
  13. @jiltedjenThere are so many inaccurate statements in this post. You've now returned to admitting you sold through fear, despite denying this yet previous posts confirmed this. and were influenced by @MonsieurCopperCrutchwhich you also denied. You didn't time the market well. You acted out of fear and presented the arguments on this basis, which turned out to be right, in the short-term. I for one would not have made decisions based on your views/fear. No can predict this market with any certainty in the short or long term so I think it's a little insincere to pretend you can. If this is really the case, you would not have sold a bean. You chose to sell, whilst others have chosen to hodl as they do not *need* to sell so you can't berate them for this. It's not about greed is it? Ironic argument as this means that you should have sold at the previous ATH and not held until 202 to sell, thus being greedy. Investors may choose to never take any money off the table and as we know more and more vehicles are coming onto the market to make this a reality. Not sure who the noobs are that you are referring to. I first bought in December. You were not telling anyone to wait until the next halving. You have no idea how much I bought and at what time. FYI, I've bought on the way up and the way down. I am fortunate to be in a position to do this so I recognise it is not the same for everybody. I don't own a home but would not have paid £100k off any mortgage. I just don't see the point. You are starting from scratch. Why, I don't understand taking what is expected to be the hardest money to substitute it for fiat, the weakest money. Even a £50k mortgage would have been preferable to selling out, non? Based on my understanding of the protocol, bitcoin is on sale even at $65k. My rationaleis completely at odds with yours. No skin off my nose unless BTC completely fails. I couldn't careless if there is no ATH this year. I entered with my eyes wide open and have no intention of considering taking out anything unless it goes crazy. Even if it did, the vast majority is staying put. My savings are a long-term play with most of it set for the next generation, if BTC wins. I front-loaded so there is no need to continue buying unless it falls. My oldest now has an account so I fund their purchases from time to time so they can learn about BTC. This will continue on the way up too. To me, this is a worthy saving plan for their future. As for doing a @jiltedjenthat's funny as you mentioned doing a @Buffer BearTo be honest, I would rather have my BTC position than yours. I don't think those who challenge you are haters but like to offer an opposing view to someone who posts as if they are the cleverest person on HPC. Finally, people will take a profit if they choose to. It's about individual choice and decisions. You made yours and everybody else will make theirs.
  14. Ditto and because he has made dishonest comments as highlighted by MCC and JJ also a very vindictive streak. I would never wish anyone ill but he seems to take pleasure in this. There is usually a reason for this type of behaviour. Prior to this I was v supportive of his decision and pulled his leg thereafter but he took it badly and then launched into a full monty type attack. Just as well I don't get so easily offended. I'm guessing JJ is quite young from his reaction. Like us all, he will reach a point where he realises everybody's opinion is irrelevant to his decisions-making. Whilst I personally feel that his comments are made to reinforce his position, whilst actually regretting selling out in total (he will never admit this) I honestly hope it works out for him.
  15. Imho, this makes NO sense. Bought in with a few hundred quid, sell up for a £100k and DCA because now you're rich? How many years will it take you to get back to 2 BTC? 🤔 Coulda held and waited for a v conservative $100k or longer for a conservative $500k in the years ahead and more, given you are young. YET you still have a dig at those who have diamonds hands -why would they cash out and certainly not for a £100k mortgage? You're unbelievable @jiltedjenand more likely a @jiltedjenfull of woe. You shouldn't be if you sold for the right reasons - buying back in suggests they were not. 😁 Only debit and credit card payments I believe, neither of which I use for Kraken and I don't bank with Barclays.
  16. You've gotta be kidding?! @jiltedjen Only weeks ago you were in 'attack dog' mode wishing I was under-water and getting off on it. 🤔 The good news is that I couldn't careless what you think and have continued to buy. If anything, you selling showed lack of conviction, FOMO'ing out as well as being disingenuous about your reasons - you panicked. If you believed in BTC, despite selling and easing your financial burden, you would not have cashed out 100%. You accused me of FOMO'ing in and took great pleasure in. Best decision I made. Honestly. 😁 Isn't in great that I didn't take your advice? I've bought on the way up and on the way down, without any panic i.e. selling out. The point is, all your situations are different, and mine allows for this. To top it off, my student teen also has an account now, overseen by me i.e. I give her money so she can learn how BTC moves and I encourage her to save a percentage of anything she earns. You keep trying to rationalise your position and now DCA. Let's see who is right in 2024/25.
  17. Another masterclass...Good interview, Saylor is left to talk.
  18. Mallers did say he was coming for them...Now we know what he meant.
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