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  1. My better half would agree with the last statement! πŸ˜”πŸ˜€
  2. So they got some out...interesting theories posted in the thread.
  3. Buying BTC with Strike. Talk about throwing down the gauntlet. So Jack believes that Coinbase/Amrstrong has go it all wrong and he is going for Cash App/Square too as referenced in the Preston Pysh interview below, too. "It's like he big short!" 😲
  4. @MonsieurCopperCrutchhow apt. Go to 26:00 mins (mortgage debt), 38:15 (investing a million dollars) and 53:00 (I will buy at $70k). I think Saylor has been lurking on HPC. πŸ€¨πŸ˜€
  5. First 20 mins covers the investments MS has made and discusses the 'risks', for those who are interested in the numbers.
  6. The market as others have stated cannot be timed. Well, we can, but would probably result in a loss at some point. My thoughts are why sell all the bitcoin held for Β£80k rather than wait 4 years (ignore this year although I do not necessarily buy the bull-market is over for this halvening) and hope it reaches $200k (conservative price as predictions this year are in way in excess of this). JJ doesn't seem able to buy back his 2 BTC anytime soon as he bought a house with it. Based upon his position, it didn't sound as if he could DCA to 2 bitcoin in 4 years. If he were able to, what then was the motivation to sell rather than pay monthly mortgage payments for 4 years? I would be interested to know the value of JJ's DCA'ing in 4+ years in addition to 100k sold against the price of 2 BTC especially if he gets married and has children as he plans. They drain your money! Tbh, even then, we won't necessarily know. I think more along the lines of 2 more halvings+ @definitelynotanagent Or option 2 @scottbeard, never sell. πŸ˜€
  7. I think's that Marty's character going by his podcast - TFTC - with Matt Odell. Saylor's style pretty much is kinda kill 'em with kindness even though he back Bent into a corner on many occasions. Saylor could have wiped the floor with him but it was unnecessary and Saylor knows Bent has some level of influence (as does Odell but the look of things) on Bitcoin twitter and is also a miner. Marty has been slating the BMC so they took him on. @Confusion of VIs
  8. Thanks for sharing. I am seeing many more posts about the development of the LN but still don't really understand the technicalities or what may seem even more simple to others i.e open a channel etc. I also follow a group on Telgram (Umbrel Community) out of interest more than anything. It's way beyond me and if I ever get to the point of running a node, it will be a 'plug'n' play'. @MonsieurCopperCrutch Price discovery in action...πŸ’―
  9. I liked the extended list of councils Saylor reeled off to make his points. I expected Marty to put up a stronger challenge. Bent 0 - Saylor/BMC 1 Saylor should be a diplomat. I'm pretty sure he wasn't as measured in his youth.
  10. Good to hear an impartial view that fits with my recollection. Thank you, @stilgarπŸ‘ Full attack dog mode, you're right! πŸ‘Ž Thank you for the confirmation @MonsieurCopperCrutch I'm still trapped down the rabbit-hole, I'm still learning and I will continue to accumulate. I have a little more than Β£500 now. πŸ˜‰ Let's check back in 8 years. πŸ‘
  11. @dugsbodyin all honesty, I think you should review all posts rather than being selective or mistakenly being led by @jiltedjen Prior to any 'bad blood' being expressed by anyone, it was light ribbing, imho given the comments I made when he first sold i.e. congratulations. He later attacked me personally and at that point, I chose to defend my corner. I also openly stated that I would no longer comment on his posts to avoid being drawn into the pettiness. JJ continued to have a dig at every opportunity. When he made some particularly vindictive comments, again, I challenged him. Being new to Bitcoin does not give one superior authority to have a view, that's what's great about the protocol. How ironic. It's decentralised so we do not need permission from anyone let along from JJ to have an opinion. JJ took offence at this and felt I did not have the authority to comment. He stated this openly it. I need to earn stripes to have a view. What I am interested to learn is the criteria to determine who is permitted to comment - would it be length of time invested (we were all noobs at one stage), amount held, amount invested, education level, age, research undertaken, gender, height, social status, citizenship, build? Btw,@MonsieurCopperCrutchkindly explained why JJ felt so strongly and perhaps why he was so sensitive to the discussion i.e. the anxiety JJ experienced during the period he hodled (8 years?). Based upon this, I extended an olive branch, as a reasonably balanced individual. He chose to ignore this as he preferred the status quo. I assumed he wanted the opportunity to attack me at will, to remain. I think things really turned when he was caught out lying and wouldn't accept this and then acted as he was the Oracle of Bitcoin e.g. labelling everyone (and even those who took some off the table) as greedy etc. He is still saying noobs should not buy and calls them out as fools. I'm happy to be a fool, learn from JJ's actions/response, and those of everybody else as I continue to save in BTC. Personal choice for all, ultimately. All of the above is not really that controversial, in all honesty.
  12. I think there may be an issue here, which is why in truth, I have not been too firm/personal in my responses yo JJ Not for me, fortunately and why I am here. 😁 @MonsieurCopperCrutch @Huggy Hello Ravioli, not seen you for a while. πŸ‘‹ Agree and likewise, you can't say a person shouldn't choose to buy when they do. There are OGs on here who also have alts even if they are mostly BTC convicted so I'm not sure this is accurate. @FTB-house-hunter
  13. The worst part is that all the evidence is captured on HPC. I can forgive most behaviours but not one where trust has been breached. When I see dishonesty in a person, I remove myself from them. My children know if they lie to me, they are finished. I have given them the hardest time. To back them 100% over matters of truth, I have to believe in them. My younger one learnt the hard way i.e. it took a long time to earn back my trust. It wasn't even something that important but it was at an age that I had to lay a firm boundary. Now she'd rather face the music than lie, which is much easier. I think maybe you're right for the mo. (story today about SW although he is long gone and does not personally own any - so he says) but I would love to see one of the FANG gang come out with a position. I would never completely rule it out. No company wants to be left behind. Nor do I necessarily accept that governments/central banks are not buying BTC.
  14. The OG (Willy Woo) and Noob (Will III) chain analysts. Willy Woo states that this may be the last 'cycle' as we know it based in the current market structure and gives a prediction based on the current data etc . For the impatient amongst us, go to 38:00.
  15. Btw, Parabolic Guy is a mickey taker but also has information at times that others do not appear to have. I'm trying to recall if he started the FB or Walmart rumour. Hopefully, one day, the rumours may be correct.
  16. Rumours circulating that Apple are due to make an announcement on Monday. No source currently.
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