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  1. I've been watching HEX since you posted your numbers, out of complete bemusement to be honest. Massive returns but is there a point that you need to jump out to reduce the risk or is there a chance that you could suffer and complete rug pull? Hope you have an exit point with your funds intact. Pretty cool that you identified this opportunity. As you say, returns require risk-taking.
  2. This was the best post of the day. The President openly mocking the IMF. 😂
  3. Not quite legal tender but at least it now has legal status.
  4. Property seems to be taking longer to shift but I have said this for the last year or so.
  5. Gee, what's been happening in Harrow. People being pushed further out, maybe?
  6. Appreciated. Will be checking back if you post updates, @Data Dave
  7. Kept to your word, thank you. Overall, @markyh, this has 🤯 my mind. I will be reading this over and over and over again to make sense of it. I'm just a plain hodler. Risk taking deserves to be richly rewarded. Don't take many more riskls unless you have kept your BTC safe. I don't even understand where it is amongst the strategy you have set out! 😂 Congratulations, well-played! 😁
  8. @ubuntugood man. Ok, the position has now changed. And why I have stayed clear and I only have the capacity to focus on bitcoin incl selling much of my remaining alts to buy bitcoin. 😃
  9. This is a good one for the Saylor fans, like me. https://londonreal.tv/michael-j-saylor-why-bitcoin-is-the-apex-property-of-the-human-race--how-to-profit-from-taking-a-long-time-horizon-on-cryptocurrency/#disqus_thread @warpigWhere you at?! Hope you saved more in BTC.
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