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  1. This was the best post of the day. The President openly mocking the IMF. 😂
  2. Not quite legal tender but at least it now has legal status.
  3. Property seems to be taking longer to shift but I have said this for the last year or so.
  4. Gee, what's been happening in Harrow. People being pushed further out, maybe?
  5. Appreciated. Will be checking back if you post updates, @Data Dave
  6. Kept to your word, thank you. Overall, @markyh, this has 🤯 my mind. I will be reading this over and over and over again to make sense of it. I'm just a plain hodler. Risk taking deserves to be richly rewarded. Don't take many more riskls unless you have kept your BTC safe. I don't even understand where it is amongst the strategy you have set out! 😂 Congratulations, well-played! 😁
  7. @ubuntugood man. Ok, the position has now changed. And why I have stayed clear and I only have the capacity to focus on bitcoin incl selling much of my remaining alts to buy bitcoin. 😃
  8. This is a good one for the Saylor fans, like me. https://londonreal.tv/michael-j-saylor-why-bitcoin-is-the-apex-property-of-the-human-race--how-to-profit-from-taking-a-long-time-horizon-on-cryptocurrency/#disqus_thread @warpigWhere you at?! Hope you saved more in BTC.
  9. @MarkhLiving the life of Riley...Nice but I have to say that's some bet! 😂 Proof #BTC is for everyone... Me too. I agree with @markyhand @MonsieurCopperCrutchand have continued to buy, both up and down.
  10. 👍🏼 Many thanks. Starting to think you are Richard Heart!
  11. RP is now all about ETH (and other alts) and the 'Metaverse,' as he terms it: "The Exponential Age.'
  12. Raoul Pal reckons over the next 6-9 months it's the best trade - he said this about BTC previously and was "irresponsibly" long - but is not sure what happens, thereafter. I've also seen a couple of posts on twitter questioning if the fees have reduced as expected. I'm not up to date with this story.
  13. @markyh Totally distracted. Watched a couple of videos of Richard Heart this p.m. and came across a completely new world. God only knows what's happening with Alex Saunders (sounds like a bunch of fraud) but RH went full in on him. Reminded me of Jilted. Million pound rolexes and LV gear, RH seems to have an interesting background. Lots of stuff stating he is a scam artist. Pulsechain (and Hex) are way ahead of me but I look forward to your updates and will re-read your previous posts again. Enjoy your break!
  14. Quite different from the Bitcoin Citadel. 😂 @MonsieurCopperCrutch @markyh @goldbug9999 @scottbeard @RodCrosby Some of you will probably be hanging out with Vitalik if the respective Citadels are not at war, think Starks and Lannisters. I'm in the red dress lying on the floor. 😳
  15. @househunter123It's never too late, well at least not at this stage. We're at the early adopter stage i.e. less than 2.5% of the population are invested. I am a noob too and what I would recommend is going on a deep-dive of BTC. Each time I researched, my conviction grew... Good luck. @goldbug9999The reverse of what I usually hear! I wouldn't change him for the world, he is so relaxed but I'm unsure if two is on the cards. 🤔 @househunter123I have played with a few, which seems to be the pattern for most. However, I do not have anything substantial, but did top during the 40%+ crash. Most of what I had I sold and at a profit and bought BTC. I kinda expect the remaining coins to go to zero (not necessarily ETH) so if they don't, it's a bonus. @Peter Hun This is true but I have seen traders lose billions over the last 3 months in BTC @MonsieurCopperCrutchAnd as we know, in the recent BTC £18 > volatility, they too have got rekted. £18 > £18k isn't there a point where this becomes extremely risky or is this still expected to be more [email protected]? I can only invest a decent amount in stuff I've researched a good bit so I wouldn't be tempted on this one. I'm sure you've done your due diligence. I only have time and motivation to do deep research in one area Bitcoin. @Frugal GitI think I agree but it depends on @househunter123 circumstances and their conviction. If young, you have lots of time for buying bricks and mortar. @FTB-house-hunterSorry to hear about your dad's passing. I wouldn't worry too much about not qualifying for a mortgage. If it meant you were over-extending yourself, it may have been the right call. In life other opportunities tend to present themselves... Fnance seem to have a bunch of regulatory issues and Brian Brookes - CEO for four months - check out his history for more info. - resigned unexpectedly recently. It maybe worth considering other exchanges. I use Kraken as do others. Had a few issues with my bank (NW) transferring monies but this sorted itself out eventually. @househunter123 @cattiusIt's been a fun ride, for this noob. I bought all the way up and all the way down and part of the way back up again! I was in red and not perturbed in the least. Hanging out on this thread (posts from @MonsieurCopperCrutch @markyh @goldbug9999et al and even @jiltedjen strengthened my resolve). Chilling out on Bitcoin twitter is fantastic for growing conviction along with doing piles of research. This all ensured I didn't press panic-mode. In fact, I was v happy and BTFD. I'm back in green but TBH, I don't pay too much attention to the value and I am on a long-term journey. I think I passed the first Hodl test and look forward to many more. 😁
  16. This isn't like @markyh! 😁 Me, initially. My better half knows I am now pretty obsessed with BTC. Last weekend, I was working on him to let me save a percentage of the kids savings in BTC. He was not impressed. I made a unilateral decision but agreed to make good if there are any losses, which he found reassuring. He has no idea how much I have invested. Would probably have a heart attack as he is quite conservative. Defo not a risk-taker. Spoke to a colleague recently. I usually avoid such discussions at work. She surprised me by revealing her brother had been in BTC since 2013 and had done v well and was encouraging her to invest. She trusts her brother so has plans to but she is currently focused on buying a house... 😁 Fully aware of my interest but is not aware of the amount invested and I will be keeping it that way. He would have been worried when the price dropped significantly whereas I was BTFD! Overall, he leaves me to get on with it. He trusts me to do the right thing by the family so I have also had to keep much of our powder dry.
  17. Not this one. 😁 Modest, polite, friendly etc. Most have no idea of their success in external activities etc.
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