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  1. @warpig https://btcpeers.com/norwegian-minister-of-climate-and-environment-is-an-avid-bitcoin-hodler/?utm_source=thecryptoapp While several climate change evangelists and Bitcoin critics are seriously bashing Bitcoin for being an energy guzzler, the Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment has openly praised the leading cryptocurrency and even admitted that he is a β€œhodler.” Sveinung Rotevatn disclosed that he owns some Bitcoin. He opined that the flagship digital asset is a β€œwell-suited store of value.” Rotevatn is an official in one of the most renewable energy-focus
  2. I'm waiting with bated breath...😁 Listen to Saylor and energy consumption in the video above. Very eloquent and evidence based stuff.
  3. Even when it corrects/crashes, the OG Bitcoiners have already been vindicated for their absolute conviction. There is no denying this, if objective. It must feel amazing to have been on the winning side.
  4. @warpigMaybe you like tangible things so this is more comfortable investment in BTC? πŸ˜‰πŸ™‚
  5. @warpigmaybe it's time to put yourself out of misery and accept you will not invest in BTC. πŸ™„ As above...πŸ€” You do make me smile. πŸ™‚
  6. No no-coiners on here can seriously state this isn't bullish news. We also know there has been a significant shift in mood. We hardly blink an eye at news, which less than 5 months ago would have attracted comment / excitement. We know how network effect/exponential growth works...whoosh!
  7. Or sitting on the sidelines having sold seemingly wishing for this to be the top.
  8. I'm not up to speed with this at all but I don't think it counts as a disposal. I have Polkdot staked but nothing that will make a significant difference. Eyes wide-open. 😁 I was about to respond and then realised your points had been picked off. I'm always open to challenge on BTC as a newbie but the more experienced clealry have dealt with these challenges umpteen times before. If you have any evidence, do share so I can test my understanding. Re: attacks on BTC, I understand this happens daily and has yet to be successful. I watched an interesting
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