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  1. I recall you took quite a bit off the table. Are you still in? What is the latest with Pulsechain? I see many talking about it on twitter, when they infiltrate my feed! 😂 Hex is looking vulnerable, non?
  2. The most valuable NFTs (Bored Ape Yacht Club etc) have tanked. Will be interesting to see where this goes not least as a successful Entrepreneur (Jason Williams aka Parabolic) has bought heavily and is also a Bitcoiner.
  3. Anything under $100k at this point seems like good value to me. No algorithmic stable coin has succeeded. Many were calling this out and the strength of feeling boiled over when Do Kwon purchased BTC to back it. Cory Klippsten (Entrepreneur and owner of Swan, Lyn Alden (Macro investor) and others predicted the outcome. Great timing. I bought at £22k. If it falls further, I won't feel I overpaid and will simply buy again. Do Kwon gave an interview before the attack on Luna/UST where he laughed as he recapped that 90% of crypto would tank. He presents as quite narcissistic from his twitter threads. If you think Maxis behave like disciples, go check out the Lunatics.
  4. Diamond hands as they say. NYDIG are designing products for 100s of banks so bitcoin will not need to be sold. Current products are risky with high LTV, for example, with Abra but with time they are likely to become more sophisticated. The CEO presents as quite impressive when on podcasts (whatbitcoindid et al) discussing the future.
  5. I'm with Jim Bianco on this one. He believes a paradigm shift has taken but is yet to be fully recognised or understood and patterns of consumption have changed too. Jim refers to trad-fi not believing their swanky new offices in NY will not be full but actually, they are finding it harder to recruit as prospective employees are opting for lifestyle choices over high end jobs e.g. lower salary jobs in the south and horse-riding at lunch time 😂 Civil servants have been told to return to the office, by Rees-Mogg - Minster of Efficiency (Really? 🙄 He told the Daily Mail or some other rag how upset he was that offices were empty) but I understand the expectation is only for 2 days a week.
  6. P.s did you hold or capitulate like many OGs and buy back in or have you held steady all the way?
  7. The last time I saw this footage was in relation to the awfulness of GCSE exam questions! 😂
  8. No, I misunderstood your post. Apologies. 3rd point, not necessarily as Eth promoters had been talking about the 'flippening' of BTC until the Winter crash based on their understanding of dominance.
  9. Bitcoin FAQs by Bradley Rettler - University Philosophy Professor at Wyoming. The first 5 mins will contextualise why some are against bitcoin... If you listen to the entire podcast, you may begin to understand bitcoin in a way that you didn't before and that it's gone beyond headlines.
  10. @Innkeeper I’m flogging a timeshare along with Fidelity who has 4.2 trillion dollars of AUM. Ignore Fidelity’s advice to explore bitcoin further, at your peril. @Pop321 and @Innkeeper
  11. It’s called a broken monetary system. Read The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous and The Bullish Case for Bitcoin (medium) by Vijay Boyapati to establish if this is an area you would like to explore further. Also, visit www.hope.com
  12. Dominance is creeping up and is likely to quicken. The only way bitcoin could fail long term is through a concerted effort from the East to the West. That’s not ever gonna happen. The quicker everyone wakes up and adds 5% - 10% of their wealth to their portfolio the more likely they will weather the financial storm that has arrived and for those with conviction, this will likely create generational wealth. You really must do the PoW to build conviction. I have yet to learn of an individual putting in 100+ hours followed by writing it off as a Ponzi. Ask yourself why. Change your mindset.
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