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  1. Luckily, I got in at 25kish before jumping in at 28k (issues with NatWest) before it fell (amazon denial) and then rose again. Tbh, i'm not concerned with the day to day movement but I was waiting to at least see the direction of travel. Although, we cant necessarily be certain it is about to enter another bull-run, I decided not to wait any longer as it seems to be on sale (and much lower than my highest purchase) although it must seem overpriced to a £350 purchase! Wow, just wow! 😳😁
  2. Be careful of Celsius? Always seeing digs on twitter re: risky business model and stuff. I don't disagree. Posted for the visual rather than his view.
  3. Over 2 days, I was fobbed off by NatWest as I sought answers to their actions I.e. declined payments to Kraken. All responses by reps stuck to the script despite my insistence that they provide evidence why Kraken was in the frame. Anyway, to cut a long story short, whilst following up my complaint 'live', I thought I'd give it another try (4th attempt to transfer over 2 days) and it was no longer blocked. I asked NW why payments were not declined. Of course they've not been able to tell me. I'm hoping that the flag was removed owing to the numerous challenges I made but somehow I doubt it. My work around was via Monzo which was a pain but at least this option remains, for now, should I again have problems. The only irritation was that BTC climbed by a few grand as I attempted to make a second transfer but hey, ho, it's only a rounding error, right?
  4. Scored 42 yesterday. Not bad for a noob. My 'homework' is paying off.
  5. It's very odd as I have always used NW to Kraken. All seems a little too arbitrary for my liking. The website has a notice about not allowing transfers to Binance, which we all know about given it has been in the news. The info. I received pretty much told me to take a hike as NW are in control of my monies and they will then decide when they feel Kraken is no longer a risk (lots of scams, apparently but no evidence provided! 😠 Each person I spoke to was unable to assist i.e. the standard operative, nor the fraud team. Apparently, the Investment Scam team have placed the marker on my account. @Huggy So had mine until yesterday...prior to this I did a transfer a couple of weeks back. I will check out bitpanda. Thank you, @Salty1 Thank you. It's all very odd, @scottbeardand only serves to emphasise the importance of decentralisation. Imagine, I can not send MY money to a legal entity of my choice?! When I first encountered issues with NW, all that was required was confirmation that I was not making the transfer freely and was aware of the risks. It would mean setting up another account although my teen has two accounts now. 🤔 I worked around the issue, in any event. I simply transferred the money to my teens Monzo account and onto their Kraken. No issues experienced other than it's landed in my teens account! I will be sending it to my wallet it as it was not that small sum...🤫 No, I agree it is not worth the risk but I have been watching the direction of the market. Thank you, @lombardo @MonsieurCopperCrutchHey, where you at? Winding people up on another thread as it's been a little boring over here?
  6. Will check out your earlier post. Thank you @goldbug9999 I will try another route.
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