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  1. It's 'cheap' in this context regardless of the work needed. Back to around 2007+ price.
  2. Just women rather than the generation referred to? I think I will perhaps opt out of this 'debate' as it feels quite sexist. I wonder what your background/age is including where raised. An important place to start I reckon.
  3. I agree. I'm not sure of the purpose of 4x4's on narrow city streets and I find it very irritating when the said driver charges down a narrow street towards you, refusing to yield. When I'm feeling really grumpy and am not in a hurry, I too refuse to yield to their intimidation. This can be problematic as the traffic backs up and other drivers become equally irritable. My record is about 10 mins of refusing to budge until they reversed. Sometimes, you need to make a point.
  4. Without a car, we simply would not have been able to hold down jobs and ferry the children to school/nursery in good time. Since lockdown, we've used it a handful of times and for work, we tend to use public transport. Look like there are problems ahead for families who rely quite heavily on the convenience of having a car. Maybe we can clear the roads of all the peasants to allow the 4x4 the freedom they deserve. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/oct/16/london-congestion-charge-zone-clapham-catford-tfl-tube
  5. We've passed that stage now but worse, apparently Battersea (Clapham Junction side) is not Battersea but Clapham. I can't tell you how irritating I find this and even restaurants/shops are making this silly error in their marketing/address etc. When I have explained it is incorrect, they take umbrage until I inform them I was born in this borough so I probably know what I am talking about. Even Asda at CJ made this error and later corrected it! Sigh. Tooting Bec, Heaver Estate and the surrounding roads are very nice. A family member owned a house here. They go for about 1.5M+.
  6. Great, thank you, it worked! Am. permitted to post the whole article or is it a breach of copyright? "It may be that Covid-19 delivers this for first-timers. Off the back of the significant recession caused by the pandemic, Lloyds is forecasting a worst case scenario in which house prices could fall as much as 30 per cent by 2022." (Sunday Times 17th October 2020)
  7. It is and despite the VIs talking up the market, a house has appeared on the market (SE25)in the last day or so, fully refurbished at 600k. Similar houses usually come on at about 650 and maybe go for 600k. This signifies a shift in sentiment. For me sentiment is more important than low IR. What will be v. interesting Is if this gets snapped up quickly. Even if this market, it should.
  8. I think the last sentence places men under huge pressure and although I like to think I am quite balanced etc, I still drift back to stereotypical expectations...i.e. my husband can put out the bins, he should earn a big fat salary (he doesn't) etc 😂 Really? Are we sure that the exams were not previously rigged to suit boys so are now more balanced? 😁
  9. Sign. This pile of well laid bricks is not too far from me. This is the kinda nonsense I have to put up with. 😏
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