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  1. Very little (only from parents) split six ways between four siblings and two nephews (£10,000 at the most). What I do have I've got mainly through my own efforts, and I consider myself very lucky to live in a lovely area and have just a tiny mortgage left to pay.
  2. I totally agree – and hope Cameron and Clegg can make it work. I wish for once people could work together for their country, rather than for their own vested interests. Following a disastrous labour administration, we have a very grave economic situation that must be dealt with quickly and decisively. That is what the focus must be on. It does no one any good at all when those with vested interests – whether it be the media searching for 'stories' attempting to torpedo the coalition, or politicians thinking of their personal interests – constantly inject negativity into the situation.
  3. Yes, that's how I remember the 80s, too. There was a lot of optimism. Things started to go downhill in the late 90s onwards. I hate what labour have done to this country, especially their social engineering just to get votes for themselves. Vile.
  4. Funny - that was my immediate suspicion, too. Man's an absolute crook. I swear, he's such a megalomaniac he's going to have to be carried out of No 10 in a straightjacket.
  5. To me, it looked as though Brown desperately scrabbled to reach the audience first, rudely shoving his way ahead of the other two, while Cameron and Clegg acted in a more dignified and polite way. They looked to me quite amused seeing him making a fool of himself. I'm almost certainly voting for the Lib Dems, by the way. Much of what they say makes sense, and this country needs a change. If there is a hung parliament, I sincerely hope there will be a Con/Lib Dem partnership, not a Lib Dem/Labour one. I could not imagine Brown allowing another party to have any influence in his 'policies', so the latter would be a complete waste of time and would result in politicians arguing among themselves even more rather than dealing with the serious issues this country faces.
  6. Very original. (And the same to you.)
  7. What the hell is that? What planet do you live on? No one in your generation has been 'robbed' by their parents' generation. What do you expect - to have everything handed to you on a platter? Many people of your parents' generation worked damned hard for many years to bring up brats like you and afford a decent lifestyle for themselves in their later years. In case you haven't noticed, the people that have been most responsible for the massive increases in house prices are in their mid thirties to forties – hardly your hated 'boomers'.
  8. Good riddance. I'm sure your country doesn't need you.
  9. Stupid idiot. One day when a callow youth throws all his toys out of his pram and then yells "I want, I want"...I'm afraid I won't be the person to help.
  10. I certainly don't think it is just FTBs that cause the problems with house prices – but they are part of the problem because they have been brainwashed into thinking that they absolutely must buy a place (rather than renting, which is what happens on the Continent, even among affluent people). Those other parties I mentioned are even more responsible for the mess the economy is in – and they should have known better, since they are older and know better through experience, but still allowed the mess to develop due to vested interests (not least among MPs with their second homes, Blair being a prime example).
  11. C*ap to you too. This is the first time I've ever heard of anyone being asked their housing status at an interview – and when I used to interview people I would never have dreamed of asking them personal questions, which have nothing to do with their ability to do a job. In fact, I would imagine it's probably not legal to ask job applicants questions like that. I think you are either making this up for arguments sake, or are in a very funny industry (on another planet, perhaps?).
  12. I don't think this is true at all. In fact, someone who does not have financial commitments, i.e. is not in it just for the money, can be much more motivated and better at their job (because they are interested in it and passionate about it) than someone who is just after money (and probably a bull**ter). I think many employers realize this (at least in my profession). Unfortunately, having a passion for a job with a company is a dying state of mind these days, probably because employers value their employees much less than they used to, which is reflected in their attitudes to them. There used to be such a thing as paternalistic (and maternalistic) companies...
  13. In the last decade (or even less), many young people in Britain have been brainwashed into thinking that buying a house (not a flat) and getting on some mythical property 'ladder' as soon as they've finished school is the pinnacle of life's achievement. They should surely have had the brains to think, do their research and not embark on taking an enormous risk by borrowing well beyond their capacity to repay. Are they too stupid to realize that house prices are massively inflated due to speculation? It's not rocket science. Their actions – and related actions by politicians, financial institutions and others with a vested interest – are now having a negative impact on people who did not buy in to property speculation, which is really hard to stomach and totally unfair. With regard to fretting, unless you are very wealthy, you start fretting the minute you take out a mortgage and don't stop until you have paid it off – which for most people is many years later.
  14. I'll believe it when I see it – like I'll believe there are moral MPs when I see them. This of course is yet another election ploy by a disgraced government.
  15. FWIW, I totally agree with you (and I'm someone who refused to get involved in the property boom, knowing it would all end in tears). I'm totally disgusted by this so-called 'government', and by the idiots who bought in to BTL, MEwing, property flipping, over-extending themselves, etc, because of the massively negative effect they've had on the economy.
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