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  1. Hi mate. Did you buy a house?
  2. Hi peeps. Hope you all well.
  3. fair do's re. oliver. my gf is italian and is bewildered by it all
  4. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-02-01/bridgewater-triples-wagers-against-italian-firms-to-3-billion
  5. Policing? Is he-she a mod? I don't require this 'policing' nor do I want it. I have been here since 2006, been party to some great threads through exciting / turbulent times. Once you go down the road of self righteous pedantic censorship of threads the game is up. Get real people, let's discuss PM's here in any context we want... Without interference from myopic unoriginal self appointed 'police'.
  6. Indeed. Unfortunately you get pedant's in all walks of life. Gives them something to do with their lives I guess
  7. election soon and hedge funds lining up against Italian firms
  8. Calling the top in bitcoin.... Such an impressive bubble. Listened the other day to someone justifying the price on r4. Mass delusional stage now.... And given that blockchain technology is here to stay regardless of BC price it seems more irrelevant now. Well done if you made money on it but this is an outstanding bubble of tulip proportions...... The rush for the exit which will come soon will be carnage And... For those exiting BTC with handsome profits, which asset class is looking very undervalued, unloved and stable at the moment ;-) the BTC crash will only serve to enhance the durability of pm's. Silver looking such a good buy at the moment. C&h chart points to an interim target of $50 in the next 5 years (3x increase+) and $95 not long thereafter (6x increase+)
  9. dollar index 96 and change at present early june. nearly half way there.....
  10. does donald trump consult these charts before he opens his mouth?
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