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  1. i put out several tweets before this stating that btc was going into parabola and would come to an end. I put these out BEFORE I MADE THE CALL believe what you want but i nailed it
  2. this video cemented my logic - no biggie (lottery ticket for a year money)
  3. so... i post a chart you tell me im missing 3 x lines of support I say show me then you dont
  4. as per usual... show us your work otherwise talk is cheap
  5. what happens in the nxt few hrs with btc here will effect the nxt few months i reckon....
  6. I will give you an exact price that will be reached at the back end of August next year / early sept (say 15-08-21 to 15-09-21) and give you a smallish price range (say +/- 10%) for 31-12-21. Are we agreed?
  7. Ok so same applies to your btc chart predictions? Also, i will make you a chart prediction for silver with a price range and timing and if im right i win, if im wrong you win. Agreed?
  8. you anti-charting guys don't realise the symmetry in nature is the same in charts 😅😁
  9. i never knew being innocent was so expensive
  10. that's a contradiction in terms, a lawsuit was brought, he said he'd never settle, he settled. why settle if you are innocent?
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trump_University
  12. all kinds of crazy..... i guess now the focus will go back to the pre-election target hunter biden
  13. I think we are looking at one of the biggest mass delusions ever taken place in the USA. A collective breakdown of critical thinking en masse
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