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  1. Print you mean QE right? No mention here printing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Wednesday But what ever transpired then we was back on track within 4 years. We are fooking fooked for decades now.
  2. Why do you think that is? They want Scotland to stay in the union, North Sea Oil and other revenue. 2016 looks to be the date for the referendum. It deserves a thread by itself to be honest, what effect on England and house prices etc if they do leave.
  3. Is this poll fooking ********? Rates are at a 300 year low at 0.5% what fooking else can the muppets do hand out money personally? Did they poll just savers?
  4. Didn't think it was as good as the 1st part, 2 things pissed me off the most. Dyson's argument for moving production to China was because he couldn't source components in the UK, only in China, weak reason i thought. Fook all to do with labour costs then and maximising profits. ****. They went into detail why Germans like to save citing the Weimar hyperinflation era. But didn't mention what caused the hyperinflation. I wonder why?
  5. No chance. Just reading up, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_of_the_Falkland_Islands 2 nuclear submarines in the area, both equipped with tomahawk cruise missiles, plus speculation that 2 attack submarines where sent in 2010. It would be carnage.
  6. I don't think the UK would ever try to retake the Falklands again, not with the broad Southern American support Argentina now has. I think the strategy is to ignore any diplomatic pressure and repel any invasion force before it got a foothold. Not sure of the strength down there but guaranteed there is at least 1 submarine stationed there 24/7. Argentina has upped the pressure lately and are most certainly renewing their claims though and maybe they see the current European problems as weakness and try something stupid.
  7. I have no problem with the wage, i done a YTS back in the day as that was the way you became a tradesman. But an apprentice shelf stacker,WTF Whatever next an apprentice toilet cleaner.
  8. Improving, i doubt it. The type of industry we have lost it would take a massive incentive to return. Wages would need to be on par with eastern Europe or Asia, which without doing the maths i suspect the Pound would need to be sub parity with the Dollar. So some way to go. We are just a massive warehouse with most things made abroad, except a few niche firms with a small percentage of the population lucky to be working in. The transition you mention is possible, but will take a decade and more and a massive change in our standard of living. It's not less jobs going abroad we need now, that horse has long gone. And high house prices don't fit into the result.
  9. Just reading about Charles Upham VC&bar. Quotation from him in 1962 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/military-obituaries/army-obituaries/5048954/Captain-Charles-Upham-VC-and-Bar.html
  10. These was always at the Birmingham property auctions from about 2002 on. They had a big table with a banner draped over, i presume chucking money around. Also various friends and friend of friends in my area used these for multiple buy lets. I even visited the broker once who arranged it all looking for refinance for property abroad. I quote 'you have heard about these through friends right, payment freeze whenever you like,draw down on equity when ever you like'..........
  11. Just watching on Sky news, they was saying the timing of statement was more important, released to coincide with yesterdays meeting. A clear warning if no solution is found this is what will happen.
  12. Erm why the fook do a lot of these financial intellects that have taken the country to the brink have knighthoods?
  13. Hmm, you seen the main story on the Daily Mail link? Fook me side ways....Bet it's common as fook in the ghetto mill towns.
  14. +1 Merv knows this, the only hope would be world wide inflation, if the UK inflates in isolation, the economy what's left of it will be truly fooked.
  15. I agree, this time around it is different. Any wage inflation will lag way behind any inflation.
  16. Remember the noises being made prior to the last round of QE. Something is about to go bang by the looks, would it be allowed to happen this side Xmas though? Why will they raise rates to attract money when they can just print. It's not like they have been doing that recently.
  17. How many made it to the big time though, Matthew Smith being a good example. I can only think of the Darling brothers myself.
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