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  1. Bit confused. Does buying now make that happen quicker, and do you need a house in the UK when you bugger off.
  2. Surely in the years to come something like this has to happen given the debt we are. Or something as radical as selling the NHS.
  3. Highly embarrassing though. I would prefer to slash the welfare budget first.
  4. Pretty obvious by the timing in relation to the MPC. Seems QE2 is having an effect, given it's meant to be the worst time of the year for the market.
  5. I could find room for a couple, would need to give them the once over first off course.
  6. Depends on age, you talk about the Non 'O' visa which is no longer as easy to get. Anyone not married to a Thai,over 50 or own property will have to use a triple entry tourist visa which give a maximum 210 days. Then you will need to return home to renew your visa as neighbouring countries to Thailand do not give out multiple entry tourist visas. If your over 50 and have a pension of a certain amount you can a retirement visa.
  7. Some chart that by Freetrader. Given where interest rates are and for how long,the amount of QE pumped in. It's safe to say this country is truly fooked.
  8. Argentina would be in effect ceding sovereignty to the UK for ever then, which is all they really care about. Anything else is a side show.
  9. I agree it's looking like a powder keg, but. The UK have 2 tomahawk cruise capable submarines in the area.
  10. People are staying put and upgrading instead. Established domestic builders are doing all right. They maybe have to be more competitive on pricing but have plenty of work. The national house builders are the main source of work for many construction trades, bricklaying,plastering,roofing etc. The commercial or domestic side has been unable to take up the slack. It's beyond grim for these.
  11. I get hangovers not because of what i'm drinking.
  12. They was doing packs of Stella 10x440ml, 4 packs for £25 just before Xmas. That's £6.25 a pack That must have been a loss leader surely? Sad i know but out of curiosity i done the maths to compare to the off licence. At 500ml Tesco was doing 35 cans. My off licence sells 24 cans for £27.99. I went down and got some more
  13. There is one see above, in a nice part of the city though.
  14. http://www.parliament.uk/biographies/commons/andrew-mitchell/25190 Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell
  15. I hope she wins and her legal team costs a fortune also. It would be better if the government just took the benefits system to the wood shed. Is this forced labour across the board regardless of age,race,amount of kids you have banged out,time spent sponging.
  16. He was on the program 'How the West went bust' spouting loads of guff. Anyway, he said the reason for relocating was parts could not be sourced in the UK, so he went to where the parts where.
  17. Family member was signing on yesterday and they went through the usual 'what have you doing to find work' Apparently there is going to be 4000 job centre jobs advertised from January. Looks like Mr Government knows what is coming
  18. Was reading up about it recently most articles i found said receipts and payments would balance and they would have one of the strongest currencies in the world as a result. Although none mentioned them taking their share of the debt and what would happen with RBS.
  19. 2016 is going to be the referendum year in Scotland although i think there will be 2 options now. If they get the oil. which they should their tax receipts will match their expenditure i was reading. What will this mean for HPC in England i wonder? No chance Wales will be going anywhere unless we get rid off them.
  20. Just noticed your avatar, you seen 'Doctor Kong' 18 minute documentary about the new world record holder. Not as good as A Fistful of Quarters, worth a look thought. Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade is also good.
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