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  1. Anyone know much about these, i search Righmove everyday and have only noticed them this week. Are they government funded or just a private company/scam. I have seen many properties over various postcodes, have they purchased the properties or just fronting to buy them at a cost. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-22126455.html http://www.homewise.co.uk/
  2. Indeed their choice, no moaning if it goes Pete Tong though. It's just good to see other home renters getting bent over to pay for it though. Which was my point. Edit : In fact i'm going to post that on the MSE thread....
  3. Anyone know the percentage of mortgages on lifetime trackers, the ones paying fook all. Every BTL friends i know have these on all of their properties, some with lots of equity some bought at the peak of the boom none are paying down any of the debt just spunking it up the wall. These people must be hurting the banks who have to pass the buck on.
  4. Was at a wake yesterday. A friend who i had not seen since 2006. He had 2 house then, i heard he had bought another in 2007. I Remember seeing one on the market in 2008 then it disappeared. I asked if he was on trackers, turns out that 2 are, the ones he rents out. He said the rental market is booming. Another friend a few months ago who bought 3 BTL in 2007, all on trackers. He said he wants out of the BTL, there are other ways to make money, he said that trackers where a miss sold product, i never got him to expand on the reason for wanting out, but i know he has had problems with tenants in the past.
  5. Don't they have to declare bankruptcy. Then the receiver steps in and has a fire sale, with the HMRC first in the queue?
  6. WOW. Staggering. His speech tomorrow might be interesting.
  7. Was printing possible in the 70's with inflation where it was. With UK banks selling Sterling in the amounts you say, foreign banks will know, selling Sterling themselves, Sterling will fall very hard and fast. The BOE will then be faced with a choice of defending or not.
  8. We didn't go to the imf in the 90's. The ERM ejection caused a currency crisis not a debt one. On the morning the government decided to defend Sterling hiking interest rates to 15% then decided not to defend Sterling and they was lowered to 12% on the afternoon.
  9. Just had the news on to gauge the response from the downgrade noises. Fook me. All manner of experts proclaiming the BOE where right and prices are falling, hard pressed families. Oh, the downgrade, brushed aside as the ratings agencies are now irrelevant after getting it wrong before and proof lies in the fact that the FTSE has barely responded. Happy days it would seem.
  10. Defence is the plan. HMS Dauntless could take out any aircraft that south America has, and the Astute class submarine has Tomahawk cruise missiles. Plus what's stationed on the islands.
  11. No, it's also knocking one out while singing songs. They will now only stop when they have to and by the looks that is when Sterling gets it. QE2, Sterling was back to where it was within a couple of days and hardly no reaction this time around. So it's party on by the looks and no one minds, at the moment of course.
  12. I vote in a Tory strong seat, so my vote there is only voicing an opinion. I did vote Tory the last time,first time in my life, although i used to associate my beliefs mostly with Tory policies, well what i thought to be Tory anyway. I'm more disillusioned with politics in general, i remember most of my friends saying they are all as bad as each other and does it matter. Going forward all i can say is that i will never vote Tory again, ever.
  13. If you get a reply, please post it. Great read BTW.
  14. Yeh that's what i thought, someone up the thread was saying today was expected to be 75b, taking it to 350b.
  15. I know this expected and was priced in yesterday. But Sterling is now rising on the back of this. WTF?
  16. Yep, UK tyre industry has been decimated, while plants in Europe kept open.
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