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  1. Forget the slump, what about minimum pricing for alcohol by 2014 :angry:
  2. No problem helping those who need it. But benefits should be means tested.
  3. That's some grim reading in that report.
  4. Sterling didn't like it, unless there was some detail in the MPC minutes.
  5. Anyone know how many sales this affect and how much revenue it will bring in. An extra £40k on 2 million?
  6. Viewing some where Thursday. Might make an offer, very close to asking price..........
  7. My thoughts. Better than a flat fee for the bank account it self.
  8. Capacity is going to be slashed. What British plants are looking dodgy, Vauxhall Ellesmere Port for sure but how are Nissan and Toyota doing who both build here. Land Rover and Jag are flying with the demand from the East.
  9. Yeh right, think he means Dominic Frisbie, (spell check) Edit I will eat my underpants if he has.
  10. Maybe so, but what happens if they don't is there something that back stops that, like the FSCS. You have to feel sorry for the people involved.
  11. That's what happens when you wash away the excess and rebuild from the bottom. Rather than letting it fester and hold you back.
  12. A midget? Edit Seriously though is that what 250pw gets you in the smoke. I watched a program last night about the underground when they close it or hold people back from the station. Not many smiling faces.
  13. Well be a struggle sticking someone's legs in the air.
  14. I'm uber bear BTW. My target area a fairly nice area in north Birmingham anything that is reasonably priced is selling, fast. Houses that means 20% from peak and a bit more for flats, noticing some real bargain repossession flats, back to 2000 prices some muppets are paying more for certain things. 2 repossession houses have been removed from sale within the last 12 months and the banks are just sitting on them, both have short leases, I assume the bank refuses to take a hit now hoping for a pick up later. Stock levels are down and falling I have noticed this more in the last 2 weeks, strange with spring coming up. Anything else is either just sitting there like a bad smell or being pulled from the market.
  15. They seem to be intimating that it's a way to pay for the coming interest only time bomb. Rather than the banks paying for it them selves.
  16. They are going to print and buy these them selves aren't they, no way would anyone else touch these with a barge pole, except pension funds who have to. Hold Sterling?
  17. Of course there is, tax and regulation can also channel the money to where it is desired. But during the boom TPTB done every thing to channel it into the wrong place, housing. Even now they are still encouraging it with tax incentives and regulation into housing. WTF, i say again WTF No use fooking moaning about it now. Or blaming savers, it's matters of policy.
  18. Does that include investing in housing and out striping inflation 6 times over. The problem was in the boom years to much money was being channeled into none productive things, ie housing and we are now left with a big shite sandwich. In fact i would hazard a big fooking guess the saving rate to GDP has stayed the same for the last decade or more. Business in the boom years expanded to take advantage of the easy money on offer. And the fact we are up the creek without a paddle and the boat stuck up our **** is nothing to do with the BOE rate being to low in the boom years in fact the fooking opposite.
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