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  1. Anyone remember ICICI Bank, wasn't they junk status BBB- or something. Still going strong. Do you really think that the FSA have not done any spot checks on Santander as part of any UK firewall for when things go tits up over the channel.
  2. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-2131431/Q-A-How-safe-Santander.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
  3. I'm sure we was either the most mobilized nation in WW2 or we mobilized to much. It mentions it as one of the faults of the UK in the World At War series 'Reckoning' It affected us greatly going forward after 1945. And we paid a very high price for success.
  4. Staggering. Like nothing has happened. Do they do regional stats, not seeing this in my search area.
  5. Signed on in 2009. At the first stage interview they discuss your work history and you have to provide three specific jobs you will target in your search for work. I mentioned factory work being one. The lady promptly replied 'We don't get factory work any more'
  6. Icesave only fixed rate products received interest.
  7. Icesave the FCSC paid any fixed rate product interest any variable it didn't.
  8. I'm guilty viewed and made an offer 4% below asking, it was refused.
  9. GBP/USD bottomed at around 1.34 30th Januray 2009. The BOE didn't start QE1 until March 2009.
  10. We will all be in care homes or worse by the time this lot gets worked out the system the way they are going. And they are already talking about the next one
  11. Well I think the concept is not lost on most people who choose not to have children as you pointed out. It's mostly that very reason they choose not to. Not because they are sad,lonely or inept.
  12. Not always the case though is it. Edit. The concept is not lost on me though. It's either complete devotion or don't bother. I'm a singleton and intend to stay that way. For that very reason.
  13. There is nothing you can do. You have to take his word. Edit to add. I sold a property in 2002 on with two agents. First offer came in agent one, second better offer came in agent two, third offer came in with agent one but the agent requested permission from me to obtain the keys from agent two.
  14. Nothing, education should be tailored to your ability to learn.
  15. They must do, it's standard practise for senior schooling right? When I went to school there was 5 sets, A1,A2,B3,B4,C5. A1 being the top and C5 the bottom.
  16. Ok. I just skimmed the post. I thought you meant if demand was kerbed some what then new oil being made could meet it. So thought the figure was 27 million per day.
  17. I know someone with 2 BTL that are on BOE trackers. When I last seen him he said 'the rental market is booming' Searching Right move, I noticed he has one of his BTL up for rent at 20% above similar properties. Does karma exist?
  18. Just on the 6 o'clock news. Demand and Iran the problems causing high oil prices, no mention of QE
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