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  1. Been thinking about gold for a while now but to be honest i am put off becuase of CGT Can you walk into goldline in London and buy 10,000 worth of 1oz kruggerands Do these fluctuate with the price of gold bullion Of course you have the problem of storage
  2. The site at Castle Bromwich would not be suitable for executive housing, Its surounded by industrial areas and Castle Vale, which used to be known as hastle vale. The old Fort Dunlop site which was next door which mostly closed and was cleared in 2001 was reused for new indusrtial/retail units
  3. Blame the goverment its easier to close a factory here rather than in Europe its not rocket science. But saying that i worked at Dunlop tryes for 10 years and i left in 2000 when most of the factory in Birmingham was closed leaving just the motorsport divison there, my job was safe but i wanted to go, id had enough. Its was very hard and a big change on the money side but it worked out ok in the end.
  4. Im looking at buying soom gold soon hopefully when its bottomed out Have been looking at this site but cant work it out, it mentions market makers which are HSBC and UBS i presume the first is the bank right but how do you go about buying the stuff http://www.lyxorgbs.com/uk/index.php?noMsg=true Thanks
  5. Not true, im a bricklayer just been working on a persimmon site in Tamworth for over a year its a site with about 300 houses being built over a 3 year program certain types of houses are not selling and have been empty for over a year
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