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  1. Chances of the bailifs getting any money can be very small.
  2. Your a ******ing peasant and i would'nt piss on you if you were on ******ing fire, i got more respect for paedophiles
  3. Lazy buggers, do you know the first thing about bricklaying?How physical it is, how the ****** are you going to earn a grand a week sitting in the pub?Do they give them the money?
  4. So whats your job then?Do you think you get paid to much? As for the prices you don't have to take them its whats called a free market, go for the cheaper price, upto you?
  5. Just come off a 4 month holiday in Thailand, was hoping to top the bank up a bit. Looks like Holland for 6 months at this rate.
  6. Was talking to a sub contractor on the phone today, he said Redrow are going bust. I also mentioned that Persimmon had stopped building, he reckons its a rumour started by a director who had left/been sacked and are intending to still build but at a slower pace. Edit : forgot to say im a bricklayer (unemployed, cant sign on have been to prudent and have saved to much money making me exempt from the help)
  7. Im a bricklayer and work on new builds etc. Im sitting at home at the moment with no work, having rang around many people, things are very quiet here in Birmingham.
  8. Im a bricklayer from Birmingham, just come back from a 4 month break. Been phoning around for work the last few days and there is nothing going, everyone is saying the same on the phone 'its tight'. Construction is always the first to go
  9. Balfour Beatty don't touch houses thats why their price isn't falling
  10. Interest rates will fall soon nov/jan. Anyway it dosent matter if you look at the swap rates which are falling and many fixed rate deals are starting to fall it shows us where we are heading
  11. I cant see anyone going bust the BOE will bail out everyone until maybe a takeover can be sorted, but i have 31k in the B&B and monday morning its going straight to my nationwide account
  12. You only have to look at all the new bond rates in the last week to see things are changing, Nationwide are offering 6.70% which is 0.9% higher than their esaving rate
  13. I like your input to forum and will be sad to see you go Why spilt things up, its all linked together in one way or another, the stock market is a prime example
  14. I see this coming through the market and credit tightening rather than BOE raising the rates, any AGREE with this im about to plough a big chunk of money into a 1 year fixed savings bond which will get 0.9% gross more interest than where its sitting. So even with 2 rate rises im still ahead and god forbid if they cut rates im covered there also. Any views gladly taken.
  15. Is that 390 a week before or after tax etc
  16. Not here in Birmingham, im a bricklayer the rates are the same. Although if these poles etc where not here then maybe the rates would sky rocket.
  17. OK times are changing fast, im english, but the empire was buit by the union and i hope it will live on
  18. They cut rates then why not cut them now
  19. Film is amazing true classic, what about the part when he takes his releaf money back. How many people would do that today. Hell he didnt want to take it in the first place
  20. Cinderella Man, true story about someone who loses everthing in the 1929 crash and has to start out at the bottom again
  21. Where i live in Birmingham you see sold signs every where, the street next to me 2-3 bed houses about 120-130 pounds about 10 boards 90% sold
  22. Im a bricklayer and i like to go to thailand during the winter months(much better than freezing here on a building site). But i cant wait for things to pan out this mess NU labour have made. Then when it does there will be no work for bricklayers, the pound is over valued and will probably tank making Thailand very unattarctive. But hey bring it on, its getting stupid
  23. I never read the article to be honest, Lode lane is a much more desirable area/post code, but there again Land Rover is in a much better position than Jag as a business
  24. Believe me if you lived around there you would know, the Fort Dunlop was massive and sold off bit by bit, no housing has gone on any piece of that site
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