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  1. Going for 90 days. So sent of to Hull for the 'O' only place that give them to us young ones Normally get a tourist visa from Birmingham and then do visa runs, can't be bothered this year. If we do see 65 next year i'll go straight back, i'm not working here now(bricklayer ) so was thinking about going for a year but decided agaisnt because of the exchange rate. BOT are trying to track the Dollar at 35 not sure how long they can keep that up so heres hoping. Had heard that Kasikorn have good interent access with their accounts so was going to use them.
  2. Sorry about your sister-in-law. I still here people say things are not that bad regarding property over their, crazy! Just shows this property bubble was truely worldwide. Only been going for 5 years now so missed out on the much talked about 100b to the Pound taking inflation into account that must have been amazing. I Always said if it went this low i wound not return, i think i must be hooked for life Your right they won't escape, their sticking their heads in the sand a bit i suppose its a Thai trait.
  3. Ok cheers Kicking myself, been watching it all year top out in July at 67 and done nothing about it Oh well never mind,thinking maybe there will be a spike up before a bigger drop down hopfully take advantage if i can. If not i believe BOT meet around the 22nd with a lot pressure to cut. Anyway whatever happens i'll be there
  4. Can i ask who you used, im going the 30th November, might take advantage of a coming spike(up), i hope, before i go.
  5. Ok sorry, they priced in some patience to.
  6. Evidence so far,looks like your currency pal was wrong.
  7. http://www.dailyfx.com/currency-rooms/gbp-british-pound.html You would think it would be going the other way?
  8. Suppose a rate cut next month won't be needed now will it
  9. Funny enough was reading somewhere else about this way of thinking yesterday, certainly an idea.Their to cautious anyway .5% it will be.
  10. The dollar is down agaisnt everything today. Nothing to do with Sterling weakness/strength or fundamentals. Notice gold/oil/copper up today, maybe money coming out of the dollar and back into commodities. Who knows whats going on, but its not logical for sure and maybe 'this time its different'
  11. Can't be the GDP fiqures unless they hope they will be good
  12. Thats the way i feel about the passport scheme to and there are plenty of them about i think and yes i had 6.5k in Icesave. Ive got a fixed term with ICICI, but their covered by the FSCS to 50k.
  13. Mr Parry you assume to much i don't drink and i don't go to seedy bars thank you very much. Was just pointing out the negative effect on tourism things like this have. When you have various sources stating tourism fiqures down this year. I wonder why.
  14. Was in Thailand last year when the elections were on. They closed the bars down for 2 weekends from 6pm Friday untill 12pm Sunday night Not good when your on holiday. Now it looks the same this year
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