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  1. I'm sorry but i'm not helping, going the gym at present so on the wagon Due a break soon though will do my bit for the country
  2. I think its the last branded or even unbranded tyre manufacture left in the UK. Thats something else Labour gets the blame for. I worked 10 years at the Fort Dunlop site in Birmingham. Its just a massive warehouse now storing the tyres made in Poland.
  3. Maybe for the tax fraud, certainly not for the benefit. You always see people getting caught in the local papers going back for years. All that happens is you get community service and have to pay the benefit back. He who dares wins. You let the system walk over you, it will.
  4. Was thinking about that tune yesterday and how bad things will get here.
  5. The recovery is down to Euro weakness as evident in all Euro crosses.
  6. Haha love the OP, whats wrong your predictions are wrong, never mind the Euro was always over-valued the prove is starting to unfold. At some point you need to see a bottom in all markets, id say over xmas was the bottom for Sterling.
  7. I could'nt get KL, even considered a 10 hour lay over Dubia. Did'nt want to wait that long.
  8. Yes good guess Parry m8.i'm a young buck Had some fun getting here had to re-route Singapore, flight to Phuket, minibus to Surat Thani, train Bangkok then the Bus Pattaya 58 hours all told
  9. Its crazy i know, you have the biggest worldwide downturn since the 30's, an over valued currency they decide to close the airport for 1 week, yet the Baht dose'nt move. So i assume there is rampant wage inflation in Thailand right?
  10. Was talking to a long distance HGV driver working out of the UK. He was saying all year stuff going out of the UK to Europe but sometimes you would have to wait days for a load to come back the other way. Thats before the Pound un-hinged from its 1.24-1.28 position.So at least you know its working guys.
  11. Slightly of topic maybe but relevant. Im in Thailand at present and went food shopping yesterday, many things now can got cheaper in the UK or certainly for the same price. My view is Sterling is either under valued or the Baht is over valued, something is not right.
  12. Can someone explain why debt is bad in a deflation setting please.I understand that inflation erodes debt as long as you get wage inflation.
  13. Meant to be flying into there on Monday You could'nt make it up, the year ive had.....
  14. I assume he's going to Thailand. Then he can renew the visa in various countries around Thailand. Not sure he'd get the Non immigrant 'O' like he's got but certainly a multy entry tourist visa no problems or failing that just DHL it back to the UK and get a friend to post it to a consulate and then DHL it back. I don't think Siam commercial Bank pay 7% though and certainly not to non residents
  15. Think i'd agree with you here. The ECB are playing things very close to their chest, soon enough they will be playing catch up.
  16. Moral? Hell yeh was'nt the first bank to be saved at the tax payers expense. I think the word used is 'precedent'
  17. Lots of if,buts and maybe's in there? When you reach that stage you won't be worrying about who your banking with. Just to add the FSA regulate,vett these people, what clown Brown is doing is giving confidence when you stop just once doing this bye,bye...........
  18. Well yes, because all along they have wanted to stop the RUN on banks they will all the way to the IMF they have no choice as soon as they stop, it will be chaos, the domino effect will start and then banks will fail who every one perceives to be safe because they are British.
  19. Don't think they can withdraw at a moments notice, there would be legal grounds agaisnt surely. Also it would then make the whole FCSC scheme look stupid and start a run on ALL banks in the UK. Are they not othering 6.6% now the rates have been cut anyway?
  20. She must be a very friendly person then
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