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  1. Interesting Sterling well up today on the back of this news GBP/JPY, GBP/CHF and GBP/USD all the biggest gainers. Maybe expecting rate rises in the not to distant future.
  2. Im a bodybuilder so eat a lot of cottage cheese. Just gone up in asda from £1.09 to £1.20, i make that 10% in one go.
  3. Starting to get to me now this. I am in a position to buy cash, although the money is in fixed accounts untill October 2010. The one smart thing i done before they starting cutting rates was to get 7% for 2 years. Currently not working as a bricklayer/builder and was hoping to get back into property and generate my own work next year, thats starting to look unlikely with all the measures they are taking
  4. Agree, had swine flu last week and Tamiflu the same day, was very ill, but felt much better the next day.
  5. Schools are off, roads always quieter.
  6. The falls maybe due to labour costs, although not working myself, hearing the people who are, are taking upto 40% cuts in wages. Also im hearing that house builders are making lower cuts, its just the sub contract baron's who get the work from the house builders are taking advantage of the situation and passing bigger cuts onto the workers and pocketing the difference.
  7. "Price deflation or hyperinflation are also common elements of a depression." Interesting.
  8. http://market-ticker.denninger.net/archive...rpretation.html Posted on the 'What Happening With The $' thread, says GDP would have been a lot worse if not for government spending.
  9. Positive for sure................1.1%
  10. Never had a problem myself. Filed online in April, money in my account within 7 days.
  11. Come down with swine flu last night, voilently sick and today aches and pains worse than any previous flu ive had. Ive never vomited with flu before. Just got some Tamiflu person who picked it up for me said the clinic was very busy.
  12. Work in construction, bricklayer. Not working myself but i'm hearing people are someone in Swindon on a Persimmion site reckons every plot sold and more being started. Others got work untill xmas, many not working still but some on ringing around are getting the message things are picking up and about to kick off so ring back.
  13. Lots of new bonds over the last week. Last year about now and for the next couple of months was the peak of the 7% bonds now maturing. Their just trying to attract new money.
  14. Why only nationwide? You get protection upto 50k elsewhere.
  15. Nothing to do with short term for me. Work in construction i don't see it picking up for years. To much savings unless i lie about it which has crossed my mind. Thought about siging on to get my stamp paid but i may go abroad for a few months so its not worth the hassle, also i would be revealing my hand so to speak.
  16. I'd say inflation has reached its bottom now. Only 1 way for it now, just depends how fast it will rise. The BOE will of course do nothing. The only thing that matters is the markets reaction though. Now you could say Sterling was already in a bull run before today, but its seems to have had a positive reaction on Sterling today maybe they see rates going up from here.
  17. Bricklayer here, nothing in or around Birmingham. Have heard of a few starts going in London or SE though.
  18. You want to see the posts on MSE about this All back slapping, mocking the bears. Gordon Brown is a genius and all sorts
  19. http://londonbricklayers.co.uk/phpBB-3.0/p...d20ee3a504a9362 Go here and ask about all the mothballed sites.
  20. The same as the predictions of parity with the $ when GBP was around 1.36.
  21. Works agaisnt the poor people who use torrents. What about people who use newsgroups with SSL connections? Who said you even have to pay for your internet connection?
  22. Nationwide are paying me 6.25% untill October 2010, unless they go bump of course. I'd imagine many savers have fixed to at least 1 year accounts at good rates and many at 2 and 3 year fixes.
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