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  1. Untrue, when Dunlop was sold in the 80's to the Japanese the aircraft division not allowed to be sold and is still British owned by BTR, not sure what other things are not allowed to be foreign owned.
  2. Well there was many occasion's where Thatcher 'grew a pair' so to speak.
  3. Indeed Hong Kong has just gone through a boom from about 2007, but prices where falling from 2003. Japan prices fell through out the 90's Both countries with a higher density population than the Uk. Australia booming but with maybe the lowest density population in the world. So that argument does'nt stack up. You could argue an overall shortage of housing, but believe that has been proved wrong also.
  4. lol Bricklayers in the big smoke on about £22k now, without taking into account bad weather days etc,etc. Don't believe me, have a look around here and ask, http://www.londonbricklayers.co.uk/phpBB-3.0/phpBB3/ That means prices have been knocked back to 2002 prices, maybe a guage for where house prices are going in the long term.
  5. Chart in that link is incorrect, spot price is 81.69.
  6. 2% spread, why don't you use a 3rd party to change it. No wonder their accounts are no fee's.
  7. Did you inject some class A, just before posting that?
  8. Construction, bricklaying but i would have thought all trades are experincing mega wage deflation. Day rates and price work have been knocked back to 2001 prices with about 30-40% drops the norm. Also expect longer working hours and shorter break times for the new rates of pay.
  9. FFS ? Can you have a better title next time you noob! I thought it was the actual Nationwide data at first.
  10. How did you know he was on steroids, did he have a sign around his neck?
  11. Jeeze you could'nt make it up, taxes helping foreign workers
  12. Open down about .5%. Then hover around that untill the US opens then play follow the leader which should be up.
  13. You talking out your bottom? Bricklayer here no work about at all.
  14. My good god, with all the money slung at this are we ever going to get out of recession.
  15. Space Invaders,Chopper bikes,ABBA always on the TV,radio.
  16. http://www.green-property.com/Property/Res...ds/GAC1706.aspx Neighbours house on the market 3 months tops, sold today at about £5k below 2007 price. Of course SSTC doesnt mean sold and who knows what they accepted. But they have no mortgage on the property so are not desperate to sell. There are better properties in the area at better prices and i'm stunned to say the least.
  17. Its obvious now that low interest rates are having a positive effect. With rates statying where they are for who knows how long then this run is going to continue regardless of what unemployment is doing.
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