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  1. The world will be watching this budget, i think its fair to say there will be a few surprises and shocks. Whats the chances of a short Sterling rally post budget, give people a chance to dump.
  2. They probally don't, but certainly do inbetween scratching their **** and picking their nose.
  3. I think your missing the point, it's better than them sitting at home watching TV, kabish?
  4. Do you work in the public sector by any chance.The bloated public sector has not helped the deficit over the years has it. The private sector works on supply and demand basis and sets its own wages. Construction is on its back with no demand and wage cuts of about 40%. I'm all for shooting the bankers but thats not going to happen is it, so time to share the pain around and so far the public sector has been living of the backs of everyone else, payback time.
  5. The others want to devalue, seem perfect to me, the drops on Friday would be massive with an announcement like this.
  6. Sky News just saying King has seen the outline of the coming budget and here he is saying 'it may need to be more demanding'
  7. Just heard on the news will be annouced this year but come in next year.
  8. Impressive, no flies on them is there. I'd imagine the size of cuts needed nothing will go untouched.
  9. We spend more in interest payments. What have the Tories got out of this deal except the keys to no10?
  10. So we have a deficit of 170b, debt of about 900b and they are going to cut by 6b per year Can't see that going down well with the markets.
  11. Keep hearing about this new 10K tax thresshold, i know this will be annouced in the autunm budget but will it affect this year or the next?
  12. Watching news now, saying they will be pushing through with 6b of cuts this year, whats that going help?
  13. Ed Balls on Sky News just, saying one of the main sticking points on talks was the Lib Dems wanting cuts immediately.
  14. Well reading between the lines here untill it's confirmed, it looks like the Tories have comprimised on cuts. Although they say it's a 3 year deal and will take that long to sort out the mess. Quiet how those 2 things square up.
  15. Hi Parry What sort of job you looking at in Thailand, you would need to have a base in Bangkok surely. Homesick of the UK you mean, i'm about to give up all hope with whats going on now
  16. Im not, not sure what to make of Lab/Lib. My god it's business as usual, game on.
  17. Not a supporter of the Iib's but can't argue with anything Clegg has just said.
  18. Its a pantomine, the country is joke. Its all pointing to a full blown crisis now.
  19. How much debt has Labour racked up in the last 2 years just to strengthen their political postion? An IMF Tory move would pale into insignificance.
  20. Would be a good idea, except it would surley spook the markets.
  21. I dont, the thing is the media and the sheeple love them.
  22. Something not right, there has only been 1 month down according to nationwide/halifax in a long time that was feb or march then allowing for the lag. Was'nt the land registry negative last month also?
  23. I just signed off last week, but not working. Would'nt have thought there are many more like me though.
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