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  1. Its sounds like a good reduction to me also looks fairly new. Given your circumstances i'd be inclined to buy. But saying that flats come with a service charge and around Birmingham that comes in about 1 thousand a year which is eye watering to me. Will you be looking for flats if we do get a hpc or using your str fund as a deposit on a house. For some reason i tend to see more reductions in flats around me also some priced very good.
  2. Seems about right, 1997 things were running very nicely indeed.
  3. 'If your in a camp and a bear attacks you don't have to be faster than the bear, only faster than the slowest camper'
  4. Was reading the local propetry paper over breakfast this morning. A local EA was on the front page ramping for all his worth, saying the market was 'strong' but he expects a couple of quiet weeks while people take stock of the budget on the 22nd
  5. Just looked at Yahoo finance before coming here, their headline was UK jobless falls to 7.9%.
  6. If you had one of them you had a few quid, i only managed the 64 + datasette....happy days
  7. I agree, the main thing for me is that everything is rolling over together.
  8. The savings required are massive, without doing the math's, sure you can keep ALL the jobs but maybe the wage cut needed will then be 20%.
  9. The way man needs oils, you think deep sea drilling will stop? The world will be raped dry of oil.
  10. 'wonderful first time buy, or pied a terre.Studio Room' Ok whats a 'pied a terre' ? A stupid ****?
  11. Where's all the bulls today and the bears chucking the towel in?
  12. Well,well,well Don't think this will get much attention today will it. Nationwide fiqures are even starting to slow and given we are in the middle of the spring bounce.
  13. Land reg has been negative for the last 3 months i believe.
  14. The nationalised banks are the biggest lenders now, so Nationwide market share has fallen alot. As you say the press take these fiqures as gospel and never mention the land reg, which won't be good.
  15. http://www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php?c=2&week=1275177600&do=displayweek&month=6&year=2010 Forex factory has it for Thursday next week, was meant to be Tuesday last week but kept changing daily. My first thought was is the BOE meeting the same day but they are not.
  16. By that he means when inflation takes hold then rates need to go higher than they would have had to before.
  17. WOW What next to keep it going, free money handouts, oh yes, i think they do that already don't they?
  18. What do you do and where you based? I'm a bricklayer from Birmingham and it's flat on it's back here.
  19. Not looked but at a guess, no. I just had a nice cup of coffee though, whats your point?
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