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  1. That's contributions based JSA, income based JSA is paid regardless of NI contributions though.
  2. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/9276164/Withdrawals-at-Santander-UK-amid-Spain-fears.html
  3. Why the link to families all the time, doesn't anyone else count?
  4. Out of curiosity anyone know what their loan book is worth and what amount of deposits it holds.
  5. Citigroup do, they require certified ID though, Nationwide do but not sure if it's covered by the FSCS being based off shore. The other big banks would also,if you have an account already you won't need to be certified so check with your current bank first.
  6. This is what I am seeing in Birmingham. I posted the same on the Halifax thread this month. Although I am seeing some houses(repo's,work required,distressed sellers) advertising at 2004 prices they shift quick. So given the current fundamentals it would seem to be the floor or equilibrium on prices where by you have enough willing and able buyers and the banks are happy to lend to them at that given price.
  7. The wage bill relative to the clubs income streams is the most important stat to be focusing on. Aston Villa posted a 58 million lose last year by over paying for at best some mediocre players. Just looking at that report you see the wage bill is almost equal the income. Arsenal look to be the most sustainable. Emil Heskey is on 60K a week and he's not worth 5 pence. Dark days ahead. Edit I'm sure the total debt is higher than reported, all the money injected by Randy Lerner since taking over is owed to the Lerner family trust plus interest.
  8. So what do private hospitals do for surgeons.
  9. Decision time for the $ Index mayor resistance at 80.15 Edit Doji on the H1 chart just printed.
  10. Seems the banks done something wrong in foreclosing and are paying compensation.
  11. I assume your intimating that the two are not the same. But did you read my second post on this thread. Anything priced at 2004 levels are completing. Now my conclusion is baring a black swan it seems to me there are plenty of people willing to buy at these levels, who can afford to and banks are willing to lend at these levels, provided they are presented with the right property which are family homes at 2004 levels.
  12. I'm In Brum so prices have fallen somewhat. By reasonable I mean 2004 prices and these always complete the first time and occasionally the second time going SSTC. So maybe 2004 price 'are' reasonable, evidence seems to suggest 'at' the moment.
  13. Feeling indifferent towards this now. A house I made an offer on that was refused has gone SSTC today, anything that comes on at a 'near' reasonable figure gets snapped up and completes. There must be a floor on prices. People willing and able to buy+price+banks willing to lend at that price+quality of house=floor on prices. Hmmm
  14. Who's fault it is doesn't matter.
  15. Democracy it's self is part of the problem. The people do not want to accept the pain, it will need to be forced upon them.
  16. Just watching the BBC news about the French elections. They was on the streets of France getting opinions. They was talking to a student training to be doctor who mentioned unemployment was not going to be a problem for her and she was just concerned that there seemed to be very little difference between the 2 main parties....Deja vu And that one promised to clear the debt within 3 years and the other in 2 years.......................
  17. Of course all true. I have no faith in them either. UK deposits are held in the UK, fact. I was merely pointing out, that the TPTB are not likely to roll over and let Spain walk of into the sunset with that money and are wise to what's happening like everyone on here seems to be. And if they go bust a levy will laid on the good banks/QE, loan books,assets seized and sold.....
  18. Read my link above, the UK operation is separate from the Spanish. All the FSA will be monitoring is it stays that way in case of the points you mention.
  19. They have some serious leverage with the olympics coming up. Looks like they will get all/close to what they are asking for.
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