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  1. GBP/USD just done a Peter Pan again, http://www.forexlive.com/blog/2012/06/01/uk-may-mfg-pmi-45-9/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+forexlive-rss+%28Forex+News+by+ForexLive.com%29 That PMI figure is shocking The recent rally of the Pound against the Euro I put down to the olympics coming up and capital flight out of Europe. The general rise of Sterling was down to risk being on and money moving out of the Dollar.
  2. I agree. Although the hyperinflation route will have to be coordinated, one country can't do it by them selves. Can you see the creditor nations accepting that without something in return. Things will need to get very nasty before some sort of reset can be brokered. Much like when the USA extracted so much from the UK in WW2. China,Germany the BRIICS. Or will the G8 just try something alone.
  3. Wages are another thing. I would imagine that is why TPTB have flooded the country with east european workers. They was/are hoping it suppresses wages, but in my experience they want the same pay as the British in the construction sector any way. Even in this down turn the volume builders have cut wages to tradesmen on site by up to 30%. Have you seen this passed on to the end product price? No. It all has done is increase their profits.
  4. Not sure about land to be honest. Foreigners can lease a business. Pop over to ThaiVisa forum and ask.
  5. Foreigners can buy 49% of the condo apartments in a building. 51% has to be Thai owned. Foreigners can not own land and as such houses, but. The loop hole is you set up a business and you own the house/land through the business which you own/control.This loop hole can be closed and as such it's a risk. Foreigners can rent houses and condo's.
  6. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-23091873.html Erm the pictures showing the Bull Ring and The Fort shopping Park are no where near this house. And http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-34440019.html A new kitchen and a little decoration? WTF Also there are houses on the same street for less. And then there is the Bull Ring link again? WTF? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-22922985.html Fook me.
  7. I would concur with those figures. Although you should be able to get tradesmen(electricians,bricklayers/plasterers) cheaper, depending where you are in the UK. I would be inclined to not give out day work though as there is an incentive to string it out. Cash talks at the moment and one way tradesmen/builders are surviving is by taking a risk and cutting out the tax man where they can.
  8. Well I have been championing a crash for years, shouting it from the roof tops in 2008 that it was here. Fast forward 4 years and i'm sure i'm ridiculed, not to my face mind. All my friends who are around 40 think the worst is over. One a first time buyer would buy but has been told he needs a 30% deposit. Another has a house and is thinking about a BTL. Another has 3 BTL on trackers bought at peak, spending the money on tat and not paying down 1p of the capital. Another with 2 BTL with equity,again on trackers, again not paying down debt. Hell shit the local down and out who has lived in peoples garages has even said to my face prices will not fall any more....................................... And then you see the Nationwide figures today. To be honest I am starting to think we will have a society of have's and have not's until demographics change in about 10/20 years when the core voters will insist on change or until the country goes bust.
  9. Family member gets paid to check marking of 6th form course work. Think it must be A level. 1/3 is either marked wrong or the marks are counted wrong giving an incorrect score
  10. Some parallels with the 30's when Churchill was ridiculed,outcast and the everything is all right mentality. 'Cometh the hour cometh the man' And this man is the nearest to it that I have seen in a long, long time.
  11. Some haircut on lot 91. In my search postcode and just around the corner from my local. But it's a council estate and I wouldn't pay 115K to live there. 200k at peak I searched the postcode for sold prices and notice a couple of strange entries that seem to be the builder unable to sell and off loading in 2008. Some mug on Rightmove is now trying to sell a leasehold 2 bed maisonette for 138k and lot 91 was a freehold 4 bed with garage for 115K
  12. Anyone of our brilliant media questioned Mr Balls on this fact today?
  13. You could stick a Haagen Dazs ice cream shop on the moon and there would be a queue outside it.
  14. Nothing to do with tasting nice then?
  15. Skip prices up,bank accounts to be charged for,minimum price alcohol,electric prices up. Time to leave if you can me thinks.
  16. It stops them stealing and is cheaper than sending them to prison.
  17. So we have Cameron saying that Europe should print and now we have the IMF saying that the UK should print. Hmmmmm. Maybe if someone just said, fook it we are going to print like fook. You could at least respect the honesty.
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