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  1. All of the above. The new capitalism, tails you win and heads you win. Nasty savers.
  2. Staggering, I expect them to be eventually pumping the banks with funny money on the proviso it's lent at 125% self cert mortgage only. You either need to join the party and be complicit or emigrate.
  3. He always gets a clap. Often wondered by whom though, whether there is a viewing gallery or other MEP's, although you never actually see the people clapping.
  4. Anything reasonably priced is selling, 2004-2005 prices. Stock on the market is also falling. Of to view an auction property.
  5. Santander only took the good bits, the UK tax payer took all the shite and ate it. Why else would Santander have touched it.
  6. Until the demographics shift, no one gives a flying. When they shift there will be massive changes pandering to the masses. How many years, 10-20?
  7. Shock, WTF? This drop in crude, not really seeing it at the pumps. Maybe a couple of pence. Still in the £1.30's here. Anyway the QE will allow banks to push the price back.
  8. Cus you can't lose money on bricks and mortar, init.
  9. I'm a cash buyer, but have to sink the lot, balls deep to get what I want. Having waited so long and been through so much, it's like I'm numb and desensitized to the fact you mention. It's part of their plan.
  10. Takes a few months to feed through. Its was pitched at 2004 levels and to be fair was a bargain compared to the shite I see people willing to accept a life of slavery. I have said on here before that anything set at 2004 levels sells and sells fast. So you have enough willing and able buyers, willing banks and hey presto a floor in prices. That's the situation here in Birmingham. Very sad but that's it.
  11. Yes see my post in the Halifax thread. I also made an offer 4% below asking 2 months ago which was refused and it has since sold, the house was marketed at 2004 prices.
  12. Yep, leasehold house requiring enfranchisement at a later date and complete modernisation. Depends what it achieves at auction, but I will be there with cheque book in hand. Awaiting the legal pack for terms of the lease to asses the likely costs involved, but it's in my postcode target area. Watching auctions over the last year they don't exactly offer value for money. But maybe given the circumstances of this house it might not attract much attention of the evil flippers.
  13. House prices get a mention, http://confoundedinterest.wordpress.com/2012/06/04/cruel-britannia-egan-jones-downgrades-uk-to-aa/
  14. I grew up in the shadow of Spitfire factory in Birmingham that turned out over half those ever made. The roundabout next to the factory there is a sculpture, you will be amazed the amount of local people who don't know what it's even for http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sentinel_sculpture_TimTolkien_02.jpg I remember visiting the Normandy beaches and going to the museum in Bayeux,there is a damaged Spitfire there with a sign saying it was made at the Birmingham factory and the date. A man was pointing this out to his small son making a reference to the Spitfire island and sculpture.
  15. Well yes, the high price of petrol now is for a number of other reasons. We have had our pants pulled down so to speak by the devaluation since 2008 exposing us to those reasons.
  16. You telling me with that amount of money in his sky rocket he will not be hedging with some of it?
  17. These dick heads only need to apply a bit of common sense. I remember signing on a few years ago. The only free car parking was at the rear of the benefits office. Parking and hoping the fence myself I seen a couple of times taxis parking up then the driver going to sign on. Talk about brazen. I bet they claim the full monty as well. And don't even declare any work as a taxi driver. Now if Mr tax inspector was to sit in a nice comfy relaxing nearby office(plenty around there) with a pen and paper for a few weeks the exchequer would make and save a fortune. In fact the benefit office backs on to the road in question so the exchequer would not even have to pay for the office space.
  18. I agree, I got bored so have got my crayons out. The 2008 devaluation is shown which was a 8 month period to give some context of price and movement. The chart is GBP/USD.
  19. It's coming. Anyone know why the UK has not used QE before. Was there not quiet the need for it, never desperate enough or just they would never get away with it? Used as in previous dips/recessions.
  20. Oil is priced in Dollars. GBP/USD exchange rate is exactly the same as it was 10 years ago.
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