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  1. Erm sure it's been posted on the thread some where but the NSA was up 0.31%
  2. Halifax HPI is now being released Friday, must be a very good number. Have they ever released after the BOE rate setting meeting before?
  3. Commodities , which of course is coming back to shaft them good and proper.
  4. Bad example using 2007. What was EUR/GBP & GBP/USD in that year? So you say the Dollar is doing badly yet using your example, we are doing 15% more badly at this given time.
  5. Im sure it will bounce back in no time.
  6. Well maybe state, Bolton in original post then. Less confusing and misleading for readers.
  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1346480/Birmingham-binmen-strike-paid-45K-year.html
  8. He must have loads of kids. So start shagging.
  9. It's a question of who is 'not' raising rates now to combat inflation. The UK & USA. Anyone else?
  10. Well you was making the point of protecting your cash from inflation by buying property outright with cash. I was merely pointing out your not.
  11. Your housing equity is being eroded by inflation and you have the prospect of increasing negative HPI being compounded onto that loss. Halifax latest data + RPI, about a 8% loss, plus if HPI falls start to increase with inflation around the same you could be looking at 15%+ YOY falls on your equity. If the FED continue QE 3,4,5 etc then most likely your equity will buy you a tin of beans at the end. Good luck.
  12. That money will still be eroded by inflation when sunk into property.
  13. Taken from the job centre, State benefits that depend on National Insurance contributions Your entitlement to certain state benefits and the amount you can get depends on your National Insurance contributions record. In some cases it depends on your spouse or civil partner's contributions. These benefits include: State Pension Contribution-based Jobseeker's Allowance Bereavement Allowance Contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance You can find a full list of the state benefits that depend on your contributions in the article 'National Insurance and state benefits'. So if you've not paid your stamp you get income based JSA. Edit, which would affect you as you had savings.
  14. Never been, would like to one day, bit more dangerous ive heard. Nice women though.
  15. Sterling spiked on this news for sure, but was already up at that point, as the Dollar is getting hammered.
  16. Viewed plenty of repo's, sometimes the agent can play hard ball and try and put you off, so helping the existing sale proceed. By law they have to let you view the property, but when is another matter. Also your offer might be accepted today or tomorrow sounds reasonable to me, why would expect any sooner. You have until exchange of contracts to submit any offers. So take a chill pill.
  17. Normally if there it's a valuation problem then it falls through in 2-4 weeks. The other sticking point i'm seeing a lot of on repo's is when a house is leasehold, short lease etc. This takes longer to come to light and even then the freeholder is approached to see if they would sell it before the sale falls through, this takes time. I have been watching one repo in my area that went under notice November 20 and is still under offer, sticking point being the lease of only 23, but i assume the freeholder has agreed to sell his interest.
  18. About 6 months ago was asleep in bed, they booted the back door in, made a loud noise but i thought it was next door as he was drinking. They took the 32" tv. A police patrol car seen them walking down the road with it at 1.30 in the morning.
  19. Got to say i love it, i like Fallout 3 better than New Vegas, just the feel,plot and atmosphere. Best game for me since Tomb Raider.
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