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  1. Ahh di dums. My view, the UK fubar. Care to pull the article to pieces? No thought not. Jog on troll.
  2. Ahh di dums. Well a bright spark like yourself would have read the link and not just cherry picked subjective comments that suited your own vested interest.
  3. I meant the article, numb nuts http://www.tullettprebon.com/announcements/strategyinsights/notes/2010/SIN20110526.pdf
  4. To be honest the penny was really starting to drop with me anyway. But reading that article is shocking even me. Just the bit about growth and where it has come from. We are heading for a serious drop in living standards.
  5. Read the link, lots of nice little pictures for you also, just in case you get confused. Of course you will most likely just stick your head in the sand. Good luck. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=164340
  6. Have you actually read the link in the first post?
  7. Anyone seen the graph of the 3 indexes on the front page comment section. Nationwide looks like it's taking off.
  8. Lovely article. the Uk is ******ed 100%. Not sure about house prices being only 22% over valued though. He must have just had a toot of the pipe before writing that sentence.
  9. I went VR from Dunlop Tyres,Birmingham in 2000 when most of the site was closed down and production moved abroad. Some one from the main factory with about 35 years service,about 2 years left until retirement, who was single, house paid for and would have walked with about £40K came over to replace me.
  10. Jesus. There isn't a market for much any more, except gaming the system. That was my point to your stupid comment about learning a trade/profession/ etc and knuckling down. Erm coppers are in demand, there's just no money to pay them. The fundamentals are Pete Tong. Kabish?
  11. LOL Does that include bricklayers getting paid just above NMW, if your lucky enough to find work. Don't forget it takes about 5 years to get up to speed to be able to produce what is required. Nothing to do with whinging, the system is broken, reset coming. Kabish?
  12. What was you up in court for?
  13. Must be big a house 40,000 brick in it. Time for a council flat love.
  14. Not bashing anyone numb nuts. Has oil fallen recently? Has it fallen at the pumps? My point was about inflation going forward and the relation to the price of Sterling, i wasn't bashing your precious or energy companies. LOL.
  15. Oil has fell 10% plus recently, how much have you noticed it fall at the pumps? Myself sweat FA. Because Sterling has fallen at the same time. Just wait until the news jump all over the nasty oil giants for not passing it on. This is going to get nasty. Who needs rate rises.
  16. Erm because benefits are pegged to RPI?
  17. What's he trying to imply, that the land reg is fudged or sellers are taking the piss?
  18. Got no choice if you want a MaccyD's I get your point though. Most construction sites now have hand scanners that scan your right hand and allows you onto and off site. Something to do with knowing who is on site in case of a fire etc. Anyway just think of the germs that are being spread by these scanners, health and safety ******** gone mad and contradicting itself.
  19. Interesting chart, looks to me like lower highs and lower lows, so maybe the falls of 2008 will be beaten on the next leg down.
  20. Well it's the only figure that is not tampered with, so you just take each NSA from the same month year on year. Fair enough most years you would get 4% up in the spring so you can take a positive from that, but what about comparing it with 2008/2009.
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