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  1. Had to ring these clowns a few times over the last few weeks, never got an Indian call centre once, mostly Scots.
  2. Deleveraging and a mayor commodity bust. Leading to inflation falling in the UK and maybe deflation.
  3. I think this is pretty good advice.
  4. Well in the last 2 weeks, i phoned about a house that looks like a repo the next day after it went to press and was told it is sold. Sent an email through rightmove regarding another house requiring work and received a reply the within 10 minutes saying it was sold. Both have no SSTC on the agents details. Someone's playing games.
  5. No,but people are closer to edge now. Debt saturation, why do think rates are on the floor. It's desperation. The situation is more sensitive.
  6. Without wage inflation, workers suffer and get robbed just the same. Ponzi scheme over. Just the same result.
  7. Must admit i'm surprised at the timing. I thought they would wait for inflation to fall back. Surely more inflation with negative wage inflation is just going to crash things harder. What's peoples thoughts on the effect of QE on house prices. The last round coincided with rates being dropped so maybe this time it won't help?
  8. I reckon you need to pull it again.
  9. I'm seeing some good buys for Victorian terraces myself in Birmingham, i can't stand them really. Looks like i might end up in one unless things change though.
  10. Yep, looking worse by the day. Printing will resume in an act of desperation soon, followed by a swift run on the Pound.
  11. US ISM Manufacturing PMI 55.3 forecast 51.9. We are seriously fubar.
  12. Depends how much you believe in what your doing. The miners went through immense hardship and much respect to them for that. Although i don't expect the public sector workers to have a fraction of the back bone the miners had. But if they did, it's not like you can stockpile what they do.
  13. Talking of protein i was weightlifting until August of last year. And as a result ate loads of protein, i used to buy tins of John West tuna when i saw the offers in supermarkets for 50p a tin. Also Costco always sold it for 50p a can. I was walking round Costco this last Saturday and noticed it on for 68p a tin. That's some inflation there.
  14. Was reading on another forum that someone's child's school had a debate with the children about the strikes. Anyone who was against them was berated in front off everyone.
  15. Yes, almost just fell of my GBP/USD chart. I then looked at forex factory for any news related reason for the fall. No news today out for the UK. Doesn't look good, does it.
  16. Just about to transfer a large wedge into these. Is there anywhere that's not in the shite.
  17. West Midlands region -1.1%, West Midlands County -0.5% MOM Strange. Anyway Birmingham is -1.2% MOM
  18. Hmmm This is getting silly now, i'm in the process of shifting out of Santander, now Lloyds as well. Running out of places to hide, except when your raped over interest rate.
  19. For it to work you need a global understanding where by every country does it by the same amount. Also how to put a lid on it once you have achieved your target. It's either that or default.
  20. Never watched the program, but Thatcher was booed? She went before the electorate 3 times and won. once after unleashing hell what the lefties like to term it. Hmmm was the voting rigged in those days? You can just see the spin when it all crashes down after Labour get voted in. It was the Tories fault for cutting to soon and messing up the recovery.
  21. Denial is rampant. No desire to cut or tackle the problems. I expect the Tories to lose the next election. The markets will then force change, Greek style. Rogering 'Mr & Mrs, not my fault' good and proper.
  22. Interesting advert. I make it 17% cheaper for leasehold. Certainly a lot closer than that in pricing today, in Birmingham anyway.
  23. Maybe your right and the approach adopted by Germany is correct. But with France so close it's muted. It's a bit like strangling your own economy with CO emission targets while the rest of the world sticks up 2 fingers and thus gives it's self a leg up.
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