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  1. Out of interest what job did you land. You must have been well chuffed.
  2. You need to use what you have to your advantage and the biggest two are your age and education. You could walk into Australia on a one year working visa and see how the land lies and if things work out emigrate. If you was that way inclined you could then default on your student debt with a smile on your face. Or as you point out stick around here watching things getting worse.
  3. Bricklaying, fine? No work in the winter, no work when it's raining, recession hits, no work, or if you get lucky and find a bit, the wages have been slashed to a joke, when your working someone is cracking a whip and moaning like ****** your a useless piece of shite, when in fact there are flames coming off you as the bricks are going down that fast, you have to go to the toilet in your own time or if you can't wait then piss your pants. Working time regulations in your world sometimes consists of a 10 minute break to eat your food. Given your age qualifications may i suggest leaving this shite hole for somewhere better?
  4. This type of shite makes me laugh. I can afford to buy cash in my target post code. I check that area daily on Rightmove and see nothing worth even viewing at the listed price although things are getting closer . I'm just getting more determined to wait for the blood on the streets. And if that wait is to long and my success at spread betting continues( touch wood) i'll be gone from this sorry place doing it remotely from a more desirable place, taking my hard earned with me and leaving Mr VI to it.
  5. The Derbyshire Building Society has just released a market leading 3.11% instant access account. Hmmm. Nationwide must need cash.
  6. Love these pics of traders holding there heads. Pure bullshite, there all short up to the gills, why do you think the market is falling.
  7. Well they postponed until after the MPC today. So it's up and i reckon by about 1%.
  8. Non event this is now. Absolutely no movement in GBP/USD on my chart at or around 12 noon.
  9. Congratulations on the purchase. I was waiting for a pullback before dipping my toes in. Seems to have gone parabolic, which is the risk. The risk of not owning any is becoming to great i think. What did you buy coins or bullion?
  10. What model did you buy. All LCD's up scale standard definition, DVD etc, some better than others. So even SD look better, they do on my Samsung B650, which is years old now. The main point in 1080p HD TV's is to watch 1080p quality material. You tried watching that on a CRT. Also XBOX,PS3 look worlds ahead on a 1080p HD TV . Sky etc broadcast in 720p. The difference between 1080p and SD is like black & white to colour.
  11. The shot is trying to show the view when completed.
  12. A house i know sold at auction last Sept fpr £75K, falling down nearly. Back on the market yesterday for £170K, done up to a very high standard. It will sell, but most likely the vendor will need to drop his price some what. The first sale will not be in any indexes. The second will.
  13. Flat maybe small up, same for all indices. Think we will have to wait for a shock, to the UK system, then off a cliff it will go.
  14. Thanks for posting. I remember the last report. Grim reading.
  15. You can get gazumped any time up until you have exchanged contracts.
  16. Perry Barr & Aston are shite holes. Are you a Brummie? I wouldn't only limit myself to the uni catchment areas. Many other areas where you could be happy living or have no problem renting. Can only comment on North Brum really. Erdington, but stick to B24, Great Barr cheaper than Erdington but ok. Watch out for Kingstanding which falls under B44 the same as Great Barr. Sutton Coldfield, B73,B72,B76,B74 more expensive but seeing some do-a-uppers just in your price range.
  17. You would have paid through Paypal, yes? If not, you would deserve all you got.
  18. 7 years i think. If you leave the country they try and trace where you have gone to and sell the debt to people in that country. I'd imagine it would be hard to get enough to make it worth the risk in today's climate. Certainly an option if your that way inclined though. The system is corrupt, so fair game in my eyes to anyone who done this. i remember talking to someone who borrowed 100k around 2004 and just changed his name and started over again, never even left the country. Not sure if he was caught but would imagine this would leave a trail. as do all options.
  19. Hmm, the timing of this wonderful statement must mean something
  20. He is talking about a global spiral. The UK couldn't do it alone without consequence.
  21. That's the argument of the hawks on the panel. But they are either hoping and gambling as you say, or engineering a spiral. If you see wages rising and still limited action from the BOE, then it's time to load up on debt with fixed rates. There views are looking rather isolated on the world stage given the movement from other central banks though.
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