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  1. So your expecting wage inflation then? You pay cash or mortgage?
  2. Just researching now. That the problem if the leases are varying lengths. Just hope there is something in the legal pack later.
  3. Seen a flat that is being sold with a share of a company that holds the freehold included in the sale. The lease is running short at 69 years so will need to re-newed. Looking around on the net this would normally cost 7-10K paid to the freeholder. Would the cost still be the same and paid to the company or would it be free(lol most likely not) I think there are 16 flats so it would be 1/16th a share. Obviously going to seek professional advice but maybe someone has dealt with this before. Edit Seems a grey area indeed. The other shareholders can try to profit from the situation. If they have a long lease already and seeing there is 16 flats the chance of someone being a muppet increases. Maybe wait until i can eyeball the deeds and legal pack, but doubt there will be any reference to lease extension and the criteria for moving forward. So maybe you have to hope the 16 will co-operate. Hmmm
  4. If you think that is the route the country will be taking, you need to buy with a mortgage and not cash, then invest the cash with inflation in mind.
  5. Looks like gold just bounced of support at 1700 from the 25th August. 1600 below?
  6. Without wage inflation the sheeple will just get dry rogered
  7. What's the history with jubilee's. I seem to remember reading about Germany in the 20's, savers also received something as part of the right off
  8. I think at some point they will either agree on some sort of jubilee or they will inflate on a global scale. I think governments need to go through the various phases of attempt before acceptance, time scale being very open to all this.
  9. Great read, only question is the time scale. It could be many years away.
  10. Yes, but then you will have the Italians etc looking on thinking, hmmm shall we do the same.
  11. I think they mean a crisis for those left holding the baby. The debtors walk off into the sunset.
  12. Claim count up, but less than expected. Average earnings up again, wage inflation taking hold maybe?
  13. I'm getting miss understood. In my area, they just leave the notice running until exchange happens. House sold. I was merely saying you have normally longer than the notice states, if you wish to gazump and buy the property.
  14. No i'm not. Agents notices of offers are not legally constrained to time. The only legal points in house buying are exchange of contracts and completion. Edit to add http://www.hip-consultant.co.uk/blog/buying-repossessed-properties-123/ Lender’s Obligation to Get the Best Price Ordinarily, once you’ve had an offer accepted on a property it will be taken off the market. However, that will not usually be the case when buying a repossessed property. This is because the lender is obliged to get the best price reasonably achievable and must therefore consider any offers received right to the point of exchange. The possibility of being gazumped at the last minute is a risk you must accept when buying from a lender in possession.
  15. Never see them worded like that myself, even if i did and the agent refused a viewing to me. If i liked the house i would pay the £4 and find out the lender, call them direct and inform them i would like to increase the offer but i'm being refused a viewing. Remember the agent is only interested in his fee, which is the same regardless.
  16. Not in my area, no mention of time. There was a post on here before, someone was trying to view repo with a notice on and the agent was being difficult. Anyway they searched the land reg for the lender details and phoned them up to complain. The agent was back on the phone within 30 minutes nice as pie.
  17. No such thing as a timed notice, it's until the exchange of contracts and as such mortgages take longer to reach that point and are more exposed.
  18. Positive are released after the MPC meeting. Last month was.
  19. Why not spend the next round of QE on infrastructure and mass social housing. Got to be better than giving it to banks to ramp up commodity prices right.
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