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  1. Quiet possible but don't you think there will be consequences.
  2. Can anyone confirm it's 75b over 4 months. Was the 200b over 12 months. Although smaller, it's a percentage and time scale increase.
  3. Sorry never read your links, looks like a negative number then.
  4. Going by Forex Factory. http://www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php Seems they have had the nod it's going to be Friday. Would they have not left Thursday as a possible.
  5. It's confirmed Friday now, so positive, just a question of how much.
  6. Not had any problems in Brum. Would have been a good claim anyway. You could argue driving a bus is harder, tube drivers just pull levers, can you crash a tube train through driver error, happens all the time on buses.
  7. You can see why they are paid more than normal HGV drivers, responsibility with lethal product, not allowed to drink 24 hours before work. What do tube drivers or train drivers do that warrants the extra over a bus driver. Fook all.
  8. I'll wait for the legal pack to see if there is any reference to lease extension, if not contact the management company. It's seems there is a 1/16th share of the management company,16 flats in the block which was set up in 1992 included in the sale. I have also sent an email to the leasehold advisory service who state on line it should be a nil premium.
  9. Can't be bothered. But you seem to be connecting the two, to justify wages. As some else as mentioned bus drivers in London get about £8-11 ph. A much better comparison would you not agree.
  10. What do bankers have to do with tube drivers wages. Most people are greedy, it's human nature. £50k plus generous benefits ain't low or normal. Minimum wage is low.
  11. The Dollar is on a surge, something must be brewing.
  12. The digital age having an effect. Games can be downloaded through Steam, Xbox live, PSN. These are easier to copy protect using DRM and cheaper to distribute so more attractive to developers. Also piracy although somewhat difficult due to DRM. Look at blockbuster, films can now be streamed to your TV.
  13. I thought that bloke who mentioned Thatcher was going to get dragged outside and lynched
  14. Disappointing only hope the winter will be more bearish.
  15. If they don't back stop the 85K guarantee via printing then it's as good as defaulting and will be judged by the markets as such. Game over UK PLC.
  16. 200ma at 1520 looks like support. Anyone buying in and what price?
  17. To be honest i don't know. If the others had increased their leases without paying then it would be morally wrong. I think i'll just assume 10k for the leases and share of freehold to be worthless as you say.
  18. I meant on an inflation prospective. Most things are finite, what about the universe, where does it end???
  19. Sitting in cash and buying property outright is the same thing. In respect to exposer. BTW i live rent free.
  20. By waiting you get a better house, or save money and get to party with it.
  21. Not really it would be as good as default by the government and all the shite that went with it. They would print to cover the short fall, obviously decreasing the value of existing money but creating cost push inflation minus wage inflation, equals bad for house prices. You would be able to buy less alcohol with your STR fund though, so best take a position with a percentage of any STR fund to protect against that.
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