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  1. I know a women 75 who has about 30K remaining on a mortgage. Her husband died a couple of years ago aged about 78, with no vehicle to pay off loan. I'm pretty sure the mortgage was first agreed while both was drawing a state pension. A repo i have been watching with 23 years remaining on lease was on the market for a year and went SSTC once and back on, has just been removed from the market. Erm not sure what they are hoping to achieve with that. WTF?
  2. No the decision lies with Germany on whether to print not the ECB.
  3. Just run the maths on the 6'o'clock news. To service their debt at 4% it would take 10% of tax receipts and 8%, 20% to service. Staggering
  4. Fookin hell, i'm going to start viewing warden control and over 60 only property. Cus that's when i'll be buying by the looks
  5. Didn't the Weimar in 20's give savers a percentage of their money when they had a jubilee. Something like 80% of debts written off and savers given 80% of their money.
  6. I'm not a socialist and have never voted Labour. But i would prefer if they just cleaned up the system, like the people who make a career out of it,knock out kids and fake injury.
  7. How much do they owe, 1.6 trillion Euro?
  8. That's the whole building i think, 17 units + freehold.
  9. Nationwide have market leading interest rates. Mysaveplus pays 3.1% and Derbyshire 3.16% instant access. They seem to be in competition with Santander, both have raised their rates in the last month. Are they ramping lending or just desperate for liquidity?
  10. Have you checked the postcode on the Virgin website. They don't service most flats i have searched for before.
  11. Manufacturing PMI was not to good though. 47.4, expected 50.0.
  12. It's turning into an out right pantomime now. Sarkozy was saying last night he is personally going to China to request they contribute to the bail out fund.
  13. True, i wonder if his shite smells.
  14. My mother is 60 and has just signed on, last time signing on was briefly mid 90's. She was sent to somewhere to get a CV done. The women making the CV said 'that is biggest CV i have had to make regarding work history'. She has been told that if she is not computer literature she will have to do a course. Today she came round to see me after received a letter requesting bank statements and on the verge of stopping the claim. I wonder if johnny foreigner has had to put as much into the system and is finding it quite as hard taking as little out. I pray to god this country collapses in on it's stinking self.
  15. Viewed some where last week, had a call the next day from the agent what i thought and if i was going to make an offer to be quick as there was one on the table already. Anyway SSTC now. To be honest the apathy inside me now i can't be bothered. I'm off to Thailand next month. Sod this zombie state they seem to want. Spend my money else where.
  16. Soft landing for house prices then. While the consumer spending economy falls to pieces and people struggle to eat.
  17. That's all cool and the gang. But where do high house prices fit into that model?
  18. Had to laugh watching Cameron on the TV last night saying that cavity wall and loft insulation was the solution. No statistics but quite a lot of UK property have no cavity walls. How much of the stuff on the TV is just total crap? No mention of Sterling devaluation, once.
  19. Always is when important data is released.
  20. Interesting considering the QE. GBP/USD had pretty much retraced all off the fall after the QE announcement yesterday by London open this morning, then at 7.30am someone big was buying and it spiked another 100 pips at that point.
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