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  1. Depends where you live, anywhere outside the SE seems like a good time to buy. You could fix for peace of mind, but I don't see rates rising, maybe for 20 years or longer. A 'crash' from here isn't going to happen. You might lose 10% equity or wait 10 years to buy, take your pick of poison.
  2. I think buying is sensible if you factor in various scenarios mainly interest rate spikes They will pump till they drop, or you drop, no pun or sarcasm intended BTW. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/bank-could-relax-liquidity-rules-164830577.html Lets be honest a HPC is the LAST thing that will happen.
  3. It's like vendors feel the extent TPTB will go to underpin and want a piece of the QE action, hence what you say.
  4. Can't comment on the location obviously prime though. Nice how the agent refers to it as a flat, correct of course but must be a mistake on their behalf. When was it last sold.
  5. Boils your piss and sticks needles in your testicles don't it.
  6. How come Barclays and HSBC, aren't they meant to be the safest so to speak.
  7. An old bricklayer friend called today for a chat. He is actually working which was a surprise. Anyway he is getting £80 a day. Which is a 35% decrease from 2007. It's fooked.
  8. Erm........isn't today's smack down because of the Philly Fed print today.
  9. I agree, I look at charts all day long and them some. In that respect with what is being chucked at the underlying, it's HPI then. If you can't afford to par take you will be cast down with the sodomites, they don't give a fook.
  10. I agree with the UK fundamentals you mention. I don't see the Euro breaking up though. TPTB seem happy to maintain and even move more towards a divided society of have and have not's and are willing to do everything to prop up the housing market. This last week the news is pointing more and more towards this. When demographics change their stance will change. I would say there is more chance of HPI than a HPC with zero HPI the obvious favourite.
  11. Or maybe June 2002? Seen a lot sell in the last couple of months. BTW the house I offered 4% below asking has now completed.
  12. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/mortgage-rates-set-tumble-banks-111410426.html;_ylt=AoRC0jM4JfcwVCPUWxa5W4PSr7FG;_ylu=X3oDMTRqaHVudm8wBG1pdANGZWF0dXJlZCBDYXJvdXNlbCBIb21lIEZQBHBrZwM2NGE5Zjk5Yy0yNDBiLTNmOTYtYTdkMS05ODdiYzQzYzA5ZGUEcG9zAzQEc2VjA01lZGlhRmVhdHVyZWR HPI on the way by the looks.
  13. Going back a year now, but there was plenty of work down London and the SE for bricklayers, reduced rates mind. The rest of the country a general struggle, the North East was meant to be a depression and rates back to the 1990's take it or leave it, even if you was lucky enough to find any. Southern/northern Ireland again same as the North East. Plenty of tradesmen looking abroad, New Zealand, Canada etc. Fits in with HPI in general and money going where the return is.
  14. Was on site once grafting away when I over heard a conversation between a surveyor and the site agent. Surveyor - How much you got that completed house on sale for. Agent - £220K. Surveyor - Your not selling that for £220K, stick another £20K on it. Agent - Ok.
  15. What about let things take their course naturally and recapitalise the banks with QE.
  16. Why all the fuss. It's going to be a split again. Even the last opinion poll two weeks ago had a 50/50 split. More indecision and guff.
  17. Isn't that where we are though. TPTB,boomers and people who are mortgaged already, protecting there own interests. A mixture of human nature and politics at it's best. The minority is just that, nothing.
  18. Interesting article from the front page, http://blogs.wsj.com/source/2012/06/15/the-bank-of-englands-zombie-economy/?mod=google_news_blog
  19. Some of the FX feeds state it as a record. Anyway looks a mute point, Sterling rallied when it printed at 9.30am. Maybe some more experienced can comment on that though.
  20. Looks like only FX news feeds onto it at the moment, the main stream media will most likely just ignore it, I thought this was good http://www.forexpros.com/news/economic-indicators/u.k.-trade-balance-falls-more-than-expected-234871 FX Pros? WTF Strangely Sterling rallied on the back of this news, so maybe it doesn't matter
  21. Santander only bought the Bradford & Bingley savings book, the mortgage book was took on by the UK tax payer and is now called Mortgage Express.
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