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  1. Like a knight on his charger the infamous Donald Trump is riding to the rescue of the UK government suggesting that UK property will not suffer the same fate as US property where prices have collapsed over the last 12 months. Trump, who is in the process of finalising a £1 billion golfing development in Scotland, believes that the UK property market has not been over developed during the last decade, leaving a healthy gap between natural demand and natural supply (the UK has always had a system where the balance is always in favour of demand). http://financialadvice.co.uk/news/9/proper...K-Pr
  2. Sellers are having to get real and cut asking prices as soaring mortgage costs and rising food, fuel and energy bills leave buyers unable to afford record house prices, a survey has revealed. Average asking prices have fallen 1.2% to £239,564 this month, says Rightmove in its latest monthly residential house price survey, the first time the property website has measured a fall in June. “In spite of the lowest housing transactions for 30 years, new sellers had been coming to the market asking record prices,” said Miles Shipside, commercial director of Rightmove. “It was a mad state of affairs
  3. Shoplifting for food on the increase in the states, wonder when it will start happening in the UK Average guy never been in trouble with the police before resorts to shop lifting to feed his family (Future Headlines) One morning last month, the manager of a Stop & Shop in Methuen, Mass., noticed a man, along with his young daughter, leave the store without paying for several bags of shrimp. When police arrived, they found something else on him, too: 20 cans of baby formula. Call it a sign of the times. Steadily and alarmingly, shoplifting seems to be rising at many retail chains, and ex
  4. The coming year will see real take-home pay "stagnate" and property prices fall, the Governor of the Bank of England has predicted. (Advertisement) And he made clear that the Bank's Monetary Policy Committee is prepared to impose increases in interest rates in its efforts to rein in inflation. A day after writing to Chancellor Alistair Darling to explain why inflation is at 3.3% and could hit 4% this year, Mr King insisted that the MPC is ready to take "whatever action is needed" to return it to its 2% target. In a speech following Mr Darling's own annual Mansion House address, Mr King ech
  5. I talk with a guy that has a second hand shop at the top of my street nearley every day. This time last year he could hardly give his stuff away, he would complain no body would buy his stuff as we live in a throw away society, he also said a lot of snobbery was involved, people did not like the neighbours see his big old van pulling up delivering a second hand fridge or whatever. Guess what He is now run of his feet, he is taking money hand over fist, he is selling second hand beds, freezer, suites anything and everything. As soon as he fills his shop its empty within hours. I have seen th
  6. Any one know any sites on this topic to look at also any reccomend any books to read on surviving the coming economic crash, what food to buy, how much water to store etc etc
  7. ST PETERSBURG, Russia (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Sunday for the creation of a new world economic order that gives greater clout to fast-growing emerging nations. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/rtrs/20070610/tpl...in-353e308.html
  8. Millions of Britons are still paying their credit card debts racked up last Christmas! A study carried out by MoneyExpert.com has found that nearly 4.2 million Britons are still paying their credit card debts from last year’s Christmas. Nearly 12% of all credit users still had debts on their cards, from last year’s festive spending and this trend is expected to affect the consumer spending during this Christmas. The study found that an average British consumer took 2.6 months to clear off their Christmas bills. It is estimated that around £11 billion will be spent on credit cards during this
  9. A 65% jump from last year. Come on everyone surley this is telling us something. How deep does this rabbit hole go. Will xmas wipe more out?
  10. No the properties arent empty, there just being snapped up quickly as their cheaper than decent areas whereas 5 years ago these crappy areas were on the market for a long time.
  11. I am noticing a lot of properties selling in crappy areas, people would not have touched these areas 5 years ago, they are now snapping up these homes as their obviously cheaper due to location.
  12. Personal bankruptcies in UK are at record levels Filed under: Debt News — Matt at 7:59 am on Monday, December 4, 2006 Edit This Personal bankruptcies in UK are at record levels An estimate released by Baker Tilly, one of the UK’s top ten providers of accountancy and business services, predicts that personal bankruptcies in UK will exceed the 100,000 mark for the first time in the country’s history, this year. This figure has been supplemented by the one released by government’s Insolvency Service, which puts the number of personal bankruptcies in the first nine months of this year at 77,441
  13. This poor guys is one of many, i am seeing huge increases in cries for help regarding personal debt http://www.freehelpadvice.com/terrible-debt/ I have looked at all factors regarding house prices, easy money. We truly are living in a false economy soley built on a sea of debt. I think the guy that posted the hippy thread has hit the nail on the head current economy is just sheer madness and fantasy. Logically ask your self this question. Is the house on the market down the road really worth its asking price? Yes or No? Its that simple.
  14. You would not believe the amount of debt related questions I am getting submitted to freehelpadvice, something is changing without a doubt.
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